Caught On Camera! Royal Air Moroc Discriminating Against Blacks

Caught On Camera! Royal Air Moroc Discriminating Against Blacks

A Liberian minister caught the staff of Air Moroc openly discriminating against Liberian passengers during a 24 hr delay in a connecting flight.
While the white passengers had been booked in a hotel, the black Liberians were left to sleep on the cold floor of the airport.


Kila mtu akule kwao vile bingwa husema and Arabs ni mafwi as Uwes husema .

Liberia should be the most developed country in Africa. At least it should be in the league of Egypt and South Africa. What happened instead? Niggers happened.
Modern Liberia was founded by freed slaves from the US, Americo-Liberians. They were fleeing the harsh discrimination meted on them by wazungu, but when they arrived in Liberia, they became the slavers. Suddenly they were superior to the locals that they considered to be “uncivilized bushmen”. They surveyed the situation and concluded that maybe slavery isn’t such a bad thing, as long as you’re not the slave. To this day they still hold onto American names like William Tolbert, Charles King, Allen Yancy, and William Tubman. Names that were given to them during their slavery days in America. What was the point of returning to Africa then? If these Americo-Liberians had stayed in the US, I’m sure Liberia would have been better off.
What I’m saying is, if you’re treated like shit by an airline, maybe you should take your business elsewhere? Has that guy addressed nyeuthi on nyeuthi discrimination in Liberia?

That just shows you kwamba sisi kama watu weusi tuko na Kasoro mahali.

We have mental slavery, our state of mind is preprogrammed as inferior.

True,but how do we change that?

Through the education system, the books we use for history are all partial accounts of the truth. For example the agrarian revolution, the wheel and all that crap is said to have started from a European point of view, which is wrong, other civilisations had already made those advancements, namely, Egypt, India, China.
The Arab world, Africa, China, India all had advanced civilisations but the whiteman wiped off that part of history and placed his.

Secondly, but difficult is knowing your worth.

Third, we need to stop being selfish and corrupt, and have a seemless society that thinks of the future.
Why is it so had for someone to see the benefit of using all the funds to develop something that will benefit the community and country?


Haha! Dream on!!! Dream on!! Muafrica??? Not in a million years. People who could sell their own children to slave trade ? Or sell a country for a bottle of gin? Like Lobengula?