Caught in the act

Two people were arrested after they were caught stealing food items at a supermarket in Langata estate Nairobi.

Four other people escaped.

A worker at the stores said that the two were being monitored after they stole a car battery one week ago.

The two were found with seven seas, naan milk, dettol and bar soaps.[ATTACH=full]42257[/ATTACH]

Woiye ni shida


Can the 2 sue the supermarket for infringing on their rights, it’s only the court of law that can declare u as a theif.
Are there provisions in the Kenyan law for private Citizen arrest, or is that something that is exclusively left to the law enforcement. Can a watchman/men arrest stand in a court of law ?


A couple of thieves

Sue yourself first for murdering Osungu!!!


@Tiriitiondo Bwana. How many times do I have to repeat here that am a high school dropout ?
My Osungu.dll is average and am okay with that. I can communicate using Osungu . The only time , am gonna improve it, is when osungu proficiency will directly affect the size of manhood.


The only thieves I respect are bank robbers. Anyone else ni meffi

Hadi wamefungwa mkono na kamba plus ni wazee, what a shame!

Ati food items? The lady was holding up NS40 Car battery between her legs! [ATTACH=full]42271[/ATTACH]
The man tucked 4 jars of dettol in his crotch…

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Wajameni, enyewe shida haitambui uzee.

Sijui kwanini huyo matha anakaa kama MSiM wa @FieldMarshal CouchP

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Unabeba aje battery ya gari katikati ya miguu


At that point umepewa option they hand you over to the police or stand there all day declaring yourself a thief.

It can be effective,anybody who has seen them will be cautious when they see them around their shops.

A woman was caught shoplifting a 30 something inch TV under her dress.

Anything is possible.


na anglofleecing?

hapa hamna shida…kama ni unga au any other food item ningeelewa…any other product ni pure, simple greed…waende wakikaukaga…

There faces has prevented the usual suspects from saying. ‘These People!!!’.

I bet that lady must be a shiny eye

yeah, you are the custodian of the shine-o-meter…


enyewe wakikuyu mnafaa kuwacha wizi