caught generating their own electricity in Homabay

Usicheze na serikali…


shithole country will never developed, in Germany you do this. the gava buys power from you

We need a people-driven revolution. Gava imetuzoea sasa.

in germany they produce power after following regulations that ensure safety of consumers. uki-generate illegally halafu uchome nyumba za kastama au uuwe watu watabaki wakisema serikali saidia au wakiuliza serikali ilikuwa wapi?

Ndo maana Kenya hatutaenda mbele.

instead of funding these people more so that we can have power solutions from our own…tuko hapo tukiwanyanyasa ili tulipe kama tender

Years back Del Monte in Thika applied to gov to be allowed to generate power for their use and to supply to the surrounding area. Shit hole gava turned them down.

A classic example of what is hurting us. Ideas na uwezo wa kufanya vitu iko, but cutting corners & kufanya vitu kisiri inaharibu. Ujanja. If you have faith in your work and the process you followed, hakuna haja ya kujificha. That now brings us to the people in authority. Gava, kanjo etc. Many of them, not all, are a**holes just looking for a quick buck. They look for whatever advantage they can. Unapata mtu anasema vile umevunja sheria flani na umpatie kitu hiyo story akanyagilie. It was all a lie. fiction ndio aharakishe mtu. Solution is keep yourself informed. Know the right way to go about doing something then follow that way. Usipatie mwingine advantage ya kukunyanyasa.

kuna ujanja ujinga.

Just follow the laid down rules of which am not sure KP will issue licence since they want to continue the monopoly

Kenya have contracts with our Japanese, Chinese and other partners who bring in much sought after FDI.

Such quacks destroy the market for foreign investors!

permit ni muhimu pia. ndio wakuje wakague what you are selling to people. usichome masimu na manyumba za watu. Hata huko Germany I’m sure they don’t just wake up and start generating willy nilly. Question is how much is that ERC permit?

kisha tuambiwe hapa nuclear is the best. nuclear is the future. na tuko na jua kila mahali.

Shouldn’t the county gava be coming to their rescue and help them legalise their business? Ama wakati wa Kura kwisha…

Our priorities are really messed up

No chance for such innovative Kenyans
We have cartels who will never allow such guys to interfere with Kenya Power’s monopoly so stop misleading us that if they follow the right procedures they will be lecenced!by who?
Read it here

A Bill that seeks to end Kenya Power’s monopoly has been re-submitted for debate in Parliament amid lukewarm support by top Energy ministry officials.
The amended Energy Bill 2017 proposes the licensing of other electricity distributors and retailers outside Kenya Power’s stranglehold — promising homes and businesses a choice and better quality of service.
But Energy Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge Tuesday said the power retail market cannot be opened up — at least not in the next five years — for lack of a framework and an underdeveloped transmission network.
The ministry reckons that market liberalisation would see Kenya Power default on its contractual obligation of buying specified amounts of power from producers since the entry of other players would eat into its retail market share.
It says that competition will force the government-owned power distributor to pay hefty fines to producers such as KenGen for power not used as its demand base narrows with the expected shifting of homes and businesses to other service providers.
“We must regulate the retail market and protect Kenya Power,” said Mr Njoroge, adding that market liberalisation is only feasible upon the expiry of Kenya Power’s long-term contractual agreements with producers.
Kenya Power has power purchase agreements with producers of up to 25 years with some inked decades ago and due to expire.

So basically we be screwed bila lube for another 5 years.

This being Kenya make it 20!

And yet we were over burdened with science congress competitions in school. This is a classic example. The government after nabbing them, should have gone ahead to look at the transmissions done to see whether there is in any way they can help the residents through the project.
Monopoly ndio mbaya.

haven’t you jumped into the fray rather blindly my friend? the issue here is generating and distribution without the regulators’ knowledge. if you want to invest in generation you just apply for the licence from ERC. The licence fee is a per centum of what you intend to invest (i think i remember seeing it as less than 1 p c). the fee is to enable them monitor your progress so you don’t make dangerous shortcuts. i know a retired kengen engineer who operates a mini-hydro in his nyeri home and sells excess power to kpc.