Cattle rustling in Ndeiya.

@Motokubwa zako zilienda ngapi.Nasikia mandauoo wameamua hamfai kuwa na ng’ombe.
No wonder you’ve been missing.How is the search party going?

Tupe update tuone kama tutatuma kamatiimu waje wasaidie


The Tradition continues.

It will ve a walk in the park for the maasais,nimeona watu ya Ndeiya kwa forest wakipiga maselfie

100yrs ago, how was such incidences approached ?

Hard retaliatory attacks that would make the rustlers think twice anytime they thought of raiding

Generally, from what the mzee says i.e they informed the cops and county commissioner well in advance and still no help.

Am surprised no one seems to recognise this as GOK deliberately allowing it to happen for sinister reasons.

It very possible those masai were assured of security forces not showing up to clobber them

Am also wondering whether some people need the gikuyu back together by creating a common enemy. But it will backfire because people are not just angry at the raiders but also the missing in action powers

wacha siasa. retreat into the forested highlands into which maasai had no interest in going is a more realistic response.

Why should you see everything on tribal lens? This tribal bigotry really sickens me! Argh!

Please tell me how I should look at a bunch of maasais who bypassed all their fellow maa cattle and raided kyuk cows . Do you hear maa raiding maa cows? Do you Pokot raiding Pokot cows? Do you hear Turkana …it is a tribal issue on the maa side. And the lack of response is raising suspicions that some want to turn it into a political gift. Otherwise you can continue being sickened to death pal

the end being what ?

Pastoralists are the most entitled people in Kenya.

I doubt it’s the Masais doing the rustling.
It could be @FieldMarshal CouchP’s and @Motokubwa’s brothers disguised as Masais. There is ready market just a few kilometers from there, in Dagorretti, you know?

True,ata kama ni waMaasai lazima kuwe na wathigani kutoka Ndeiya helping the Masaais identify the homesteads with cows.Lazima iko ka insider

Kina @digi ndio waliiba hizo mifugo

Another Boston tea party