Catholics confessionals conduit for immorality.

Catholics faithfulls here gather around, is it true that these confessionals are conduit for philandering especially for gullible married women.
Confessing your intimidate escapades to a priest? Does this sound too much, hah preachers and cult leaders get alot of free pass,there is a docmentary I watched sometime back an expose from an Italian priest who said the confessionals are conduit for immorality and even assasinations. Mercenaries under the blessings of the holy see carried their heinous acts under the blessings of a priests via the confessionals…if your women is close to your pastor or any spiritual leader watch out,open your eyes.

Believe in whatever ya want its yours right and YOU have God given liberty to persue this through free will.
Faith is a personal relationship with your maker.

The world is as fuck up as it is today because of the blessings, endorsements, advocacy, funding, and lobbying by the Catholic church. From the pillage murder distortion of the true facts of historical accounts and facts to the present times with colonialism, world wars, western dominance, coup d etats, IMF Bretton woods foundation, murder of the black population and systematic reduction and negation of our interlectual capacity through the HIV epidemic leavibg us with the Djohos and Sonkwe mutu Mandago Bishop mwanamke the devil worshiper Raira and your fav Waititu 101’s of these worlds:meffi::meffi:
Don’t get it twisted, its all about the money and the Church has been under siege for a long time, ask the Moors… and is deeply divided for centuries. But the revenue collection was the sweet sap the INSTITUTION kept on demanding from euro mornachs, all this was under immernse threat by the Moors.
The Catholic Institution has the power today to call for absolut just equity in the disparities we have amongst nations of the world, today, and archiieve this as a goal in 24 months, because the institution is THE MATRIX itsself.
However, there is a GREAT distinction between the INSTITUTION and FAITH.
The ROMAN CATHOLIC FAITH is the most purerest form of worship and SUBMITION to GOD, no other place serves as a better option by attacks from the devil than the Church itsself.