Catholic church rebukes homosexual Biden. He will not receive communion.



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(The current Pope is a leftist, socialist who seems to support Biden’s ab. ortion and homosexual agenda.)

[SIZE=7]US Catholic bishops advance communion document, setting up potential rebuke of Biden[/SIZE]
By Tom Foreman, CNN
Updated 6:45 PM EDT, Fri June 18, 2021

(CNN)The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on Friday proceeded with a plan that could deny communion to public figures who support ab.ortion rights, setting up a potential public rebuke of President Joe Biden.

By a vote of 168 to 55, with six abstentions, the bishops went forward with plans for a report on the meaning of the Eucharist in the church. The vote is part of a longer process, and a rebuke of Biden and other Catholic politicians who support ab.ortion rights is not assured. The report will be developed over the summer and presented for amendments and approval in November.
The Vatican would have to approve any action on behalf of the bishops, and would likely delay that approval if a pointed report is issued.

The Catholic Church hates competition

takataka hao tuliwaambia wa endorse uncle Trump waka dilly-dally wacha wavune umafwi yao

The same church protects pedophiles !

Still you haven’t grown up

USA as a society is conflicted and confused - liberals vs conservatives are evenly matched. The Catholic church has slept on the job and is coming in too late. With about 20% of Americans professing Catholicism (many non-practising), the rebuke on Biden will not amount to much.