Cate Waruguru

Oh mannn this photo…waah! 125 million Kilogrammes of Arimis zimeisha juu ya hii photo.

She has already been mwagiliod ndani na ako paged…

Lucky bastard. Hizo lips hazina kazi ingine. Kunyonya na kuwika.


Cheki hii nayo…damn this one needs a good fuck.

I’ve come to accept men are no different to women when it comes to who they want to furk. Both are attracted to fame.

Hapa hakuna kitu, but would hit.

this kunguru is only into kale men …kama wewe si kiprotich , kipchoge hauwesi mwaka ntanii …

I thot you are too busy going your own way mjaka. Hii yote ulijulia wapi?

Post wall chieth

MGTOW men have dick za kumwaga ndani!!!

mgtow doesnt mean am an incel …si uingie inbox we organise something !

i find her sexy

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Put anything on Tv for for a week and everyone thinks she is the sexiests person

I heard it was started by gay community so I thought you guys are on the Down Low is why you are so obsessed with heterosexual sex to prove that you are not gae.

So you are going your own way on marriage, on paying child support and what else?

You know I used to not get you guys but now I realize that for you to start an entire movement against something it must be really important to you.

Hakunanga voluntary celibate Yaani vocels kama mm? So basically y’all recognize men can not live without sex. Hence they cannot live without women. Isn’t it hard despising someone you can’t live without.

No thanks. I want to live an ARV free life. With the turnover of sexual partners it’s a miracle how any of you is still negative.