CAT Excavator 300 Series


This is a CAT 300 Series Excavator. A friend is looking forward to purchasing one down the line.
Those who are in these field, when it come to medium size excavators. What brand do you consider to be top, medium and low range in terms of quality and service not forgetting price.
Here are the brand’s out there.
CAT, Volvo, John Ndethe, Case, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Toyota I know there are others out there.
Looking forward for your input.

CAT is thet SONY of that market. Tafakari

John Ndethe??? :D:D

hiyo kitu vile naonanga ikichimba kwa mawe inachimba mtaro wanaume wangechimba na mwaka mzima in 2 hours. imetengezwa aje bana.

JCB is a good make…comparable to CAT…both are high quality with reasonable maintenance costs. Both makes from UK…what’s ur friend’s budget?

For these makes …Volvo, John Ndethe(Deere), Case, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Toyota…these are not common in Kenya so may not have local dealers of maintenance parts


Panasonic ndio ngani ?

In between $100k to $200k, haven’t thought about JCB. The other option is that of buying a reconditioned one CAT or JCB, what’s your opion on that ?

John Deere and CAT looks alike, guess their spear parts are interchangeable. I don’t though.

Komatsu, Hitachi and of course Mitsubishi are Japanese made. Lakini availability ya spares ndio swali kuu.

You want brand new or reconditioned?
You can get in touch with locally, UK Used Plant & Heavy Machinery Listings . or inbox for a JCB 330 ex UK landed in Kenya last year

Locally inquire from Niletrac Ltd, wako Syokimau (na Mombasa pia).
Deal mostly in Japanese heavy machinery, lakini ukitaka China pia wanaweza leta.
Highly skilled mechs & good after sales service.

Volvo has opened a dealership hapo after mlolongo before athi river

I noted Thika road excavations were mostly Hitachi Zaxis even though the contractors were Chinese.