Case Study: Toi Primary School #StateOfTheNation










Charity begins at home. Wengine come here posting stupid roads being built yet you invest 0 on social services like school for mentality challenged. Bandit country

Hii ndio shida sasa.

You remember me pointing out the correlation between kanisa za mabati and insecurity and petty theft? Now add decadence of all sorts - pollution, indiscipline kama kujenga vibanda kwa barabara, grabbing of playgrounds by churches, etc.

But pupils should be taught basic sanitation though some amenities need improving.

If you are looking for someone to blame blame the head teacher or principal. It is all about responsibility. There is a school for the mentally challenged we had visited around Karatina at Mathaithi and that school is beautiful. It is public. They have a modern kitchen with those large chimneys. They produce their own vegetables and also the fields are well kept and neat. Well tended grass and flowers in the compound. It is all about responsibilty.

I was wondering the same. Where are the teachers ? Where is the Headteacher ? Where is the whole Ministry Of Education or City Government machinery ?

Hakuna supervisor from ministry of education to oversee what you are proposing? There is no supervisor ya supervisor till back falls on CS ?or directly stop at principal’s back?

The system is broken down, if it was working and the principal or the headteacher exhibited such negligence such an employee would have been reprimanded by now. Probably the situation wouldn’t be this dire, it would have been arrested in its formative stage.

Cha kushangaza hio Mullah ya parking huenda na nani? Headteacher, zone officers?

kwani nearby community hawawezi kusaidia,ama hata hao ni vichwa maji pia?

There is always the education officer at the county level who basically reports to the governor and also to the ministry of education. I can’t exactly remember the hierarchy but there is one more person between the head teachers and the county officers. What you are seeing here is what Nairobi is well known for. You are basically on your own in Nairobi. Government institutions are just full of corrupt individuals.

If memory serves me right , you were very vocal about jubilee tano . Ukiulizwa the shortfalls ya UK ,ulisema ni afadhali yeye kushinda RAO.

I remember very well I told some of you guys that you are rubber stamping ills of last 5 years for 5 more . I expected elite guys kama wewe to question the same corruption you quoted above before casting your vote , but you didn’t and instead you endorsed . Please it’s hurtful hear "tano tena brigade " complaining of corruption . It’s just hypocrisy

Please!! This is just trivalizing issues. It is like telling me that because there is a remote pot hole on a certain road it is jubilee’s fault it has not been fixed yet.
I don’t subscribe to blame games. Uhuru is not all knowing and that is why we have representatives in the county level. The person directly responsible for these problems is the person running the institution because they are clearly not doing their jobs. Usiniletee mambo ya jubilee na nasa.

Nobody in my eyes takes responsibility for anything but it’s a national pastime to blame the Authorities yet wewe mwenyewe unatumia public toilet and you couldn’t be asked to leave it as clean as you found it.
Alafu unatupa takataka on the street like it’s someone else’s problem.

Responsibility starts with YOU!


Wewe pia acha ujinga. You want Jubilee government to take care of tall grass in a school like it’s their work?

Stick to your kienyejis.fala

Fala ni wewe unatumia akili kama helmet

Sawa. Though I know where your bitterness is from . Get busy fala