case closed on GMO's.


Because a zoologist said so?

After the project was completed among a few selected farmers in Nyeri, we had this agronomist from Denmark who happened to be a professor who encouraged us to grow our food. He emphasized Organic Farming as the next lucrative farming sector to venture in.

GMO products and hormones have been in our market. Ata leo ukienda kwa market you will get them. Shida ni kuwa Wakenya wengi hawawezi tofautisha original from GMO because the level of poverty and over-dependence

Finally, the professor was very strict, like you cannot consume KUKU at 2 weeks’ age because of the concentration of hormones that can end up in human beings. There is the possibility that these hormones will mess up human genes too.

But then, this will only happen due to the cartels we have in this country. kama mboga ilipigwa dawa jana na inauzwa kesho after washing it. Kuleni GMO polepole.

“We must alter the Human DNA”

Damn … huyu Dr. Suzuki amekuwa around for one hot minute aisee. Since from back in the day nikiwa high sch nilikuwa namuona kwa hizi scientific documentaries hadi sahii bana.