Cartels in NYS

Mtajua hamjui usiku mwema… Some hearsays on Twitter wanasema they were roommates in Egerton nani ataconfirm?

Yeye ni kabila gani kwanza?


Anaitwa Monica Kanari nashuku ni shiny eye ya Kirinyaga kama Kibicho ule anapee Sonko sleepless nites

Anawapumbaza. There is more than meets the eye. Huyu ako dirty. NYS has a way with fashion designers and saloonists(kabura). Unataka kuiambia NYS itatuma 15m kwa mtu strange? 15 fucking million? Huyu anajaribu kuhepuka tu. Na mimi si fala. There is more to this

Where do the NYS guys go anyway?

Tebu angalia siko sure but in every lie they say there is some truth


Mnaona ameka next na nani. I guess she saw what happened to kabura, and she wasn’t willing to be part of that crap.

55 mil in transaction. Kenyans ars short sighted. Hii ilikuwa PR and it has worked to some extent. But KRA bado wako na yeye and najua investigation zikifanywa bado atapatikana tu. Ubaya big fisj hata hawaongelewi same as ncpb big fish. Unaskia tu “some 8 individuals” which individuals?

Why should we make her famous?

Ukimaliza kazi na toolbox wewe huweka wapi?

Amepumbaza watu short sighted. It just pisses me off

We cannot close down useful institution because of corruption cartels. If you close one, they will move on to another then you have to shut down all institutions. They need to be arrested, assets seized and served with long prison sentences.

Is it really useful? Ongeza EACC na NCIC

I think it is a good thing that she returned the money but how she got that money in the first place must be investigated. Also like Kihika Kimani’s daughter, the senator, asked in that Gilgil fundraiser how come if an ordinary person tries to open a bank account they are made to produce all manner of information to prove legitimacy but these government workers can open an account and dump a few millions with no questions asked?

There is always more to what meets the eye

Damn! I had missed that 55m, so she received 55m but returned 15m? hmmm this story of hers is not making any sense now and the way i was thinking she was a silver lining

wacendro tame your women watamalisa sisi. we used to the men stealing… now women…kids 2022…

Hii stori imekulisha @General Specific moto sana ni kama Walihepa na Kondoo yake…


Vile imezidi. Yaani kila day? Halafu what pisses me off ni how shallow minded we kenyans. Are. Ona watu wamefall for hii PR. Time ya election ni same story