Caroline Kanongo

Happening live pale toktik

dj ck anasema nini?

Anaenda kuchapa shughuli anarudi

sasa tuexpecti twatwa ingine?

Si milisema ako ndani

Nani alisema?


Turedio feke news network TFNN

Unaskia rogue cops are helping her escape the dragnet??? By the way kina if the powers dont reform tbese cops…cops pua watawakula hao…wacha hile siku the tiger will snap the leash.

leteni full video but shame on the DCI kama hawawezi hii kazi kidogo alshabab ndio watashika

No wonder k.p.s hawawezi futa karao ivi ivi…if one decides to turn rogue in our shithole republic it’s messy imagine awa wakina recce squad mwenye ame trainiwa na mossad aamue kuwa mwizi

But bila support from rogues wanapatikana tu…i think the woman is trying to slip thru our porous borders…if she doesnt make it her rogue support watamhunt ndio asitoboe siri.
But this shits getting scary…hata commenting onlines giving me the shivers.

I used to sleep with a Kalenjin woman who looked exactly like her and with similar names. I am not sure if…

the whole kijiji knows 99% of your stories, pikchas are fantasies

Mujamaaica hurumia JuraMbitika

Akiendelea hivi tutamwita jabambitika…

And wet dreams…cousin yangu this n bibi ya cousin yangu that. btw nimerealize JuraMbitika ni mtu bradfakin sana

Actually, it’s 100%.

Hehe … juu ya hekaya za jaba base :D:D

Well if you cannot change the system you burn it down, me thinks education and internet are useful tools.

Sooner or later a sizeable chunk of surbodinate d- will get tired of shooting themselves, their lovers…basically all the petty trivialities spiced by cruel indoctrination sponsored police training as espoused by ‘1984’.

Once they figure out they are just dispensable proletariats then the ruling class will bend.

But as long as animosity is fostered between them, well …rich kids still have a shot at failing at prestigious schools then leasing out the resident downloader’s rectum for the grand pricks thrill.