Caroline Kangogo and the female factor

Yesterday, the public was informed that police woman Caroline Kangogo shot herself to death at her ancestral home.
Many people are now up in arms saying that she was killed by the government and that she should have been let to live as she was driven by betrayal of losing Kshs.1.5M to commit the two murders. They say she should have been allowed to explain herself as she was most likely hurting and depressed.
Others have gone ahead to say she should have been let to clear out the bad men in Kenya.

It is also noteworthy that her murders, her hiding and police search efforts had been given media black out- both mainstream and social media,intentionally so.

My point is, if this was a man e.g. the recent one who killed a prostituting woman in a Juja lodge it would be mass condemnation of the crime with constant media coverage and civil society pressure for his search. His death would be met with open celebration across the country. But now that’s its a woman, everyone is hush. Many are making excuses for her. Many are not sympathising with the victims but openly sympathising with the murderous woman.

My question is, up to when will crimes by women be sanitised? Up to when will women continue receiving a pat on the hand? Up to when will men continue to be demonised by all and sundry, including their fellow men?

I hereby celebrate the death of Caroline Kangogo. She got what she deserved, whether she commited suicide or she was killed. May she rot in hell as her victims rest in peace. May her husband continue living in peace. May their kids live in peace and outgrow the effects of their mother’s evil ways.

Long live men and the few good women.

Having a pusssy for a woman is like a ticket to get away with many things ,men we should be vigilant to women bullshit ,don’t fall in love have options.

i concur that man would have been treated harshly as the guy with the "1.5m debt"is na hatujui kama ni ukweli he owed shit.but we the men ndio tuko wengi kwa bunge,but tunapitisha sheria za wazungu without critical thinking simply because the said medias are paid to drum up support for them,you graduate into adulthood a woman who doesnt know if she is a man or a woman,thats why even so many divorces.we put laws making women fight men rather than complementing them.and it can be adressed remember the parliament amended law(after they themselves were the ones receiving heat) that ukidivorce mtu anaenda na kienye amecontribute kwa marriage.ladies used to trap men only for six months alafu kortini and your hard labour is divided into two.back to the main issue,nature dictates you use your big head rather than your small head in making decisions.unataka kuniambia jamaa wa 1.5being a security guy hakuwa ameona news kwamba kagongo ameua.lakini because he used his small head,he got his big head blown.uaneza enda aje kwa lodjo na dame una owe(if it is true he owed her).ata malaya ulitoroka na pesa yake sabina joy mkikutana kwingine akwambie anakupea bure na ni yeye analipa nyumba unafaa kujiuliza maswali.R.I.P though.As for the cop alikufa kwa sababu ya kupenda kagongo sasa hapo sijui the bicth saa yenye alienda kutembelea bwana mombasa aliconvert kuwa muislamu.she had to have a dick holder in heaven/hell.

Sonko will pay fees for her kids

Side shows and lots of odious hot air …

1/ where was she killed and why dump the body at her ancestral home …??
2/ where is her own weapon …??
3/ why was the crime scene doctored , and by whom…??
4/ in a quiet rural well populated homestead , how come no one saw nor heard anything…??

Nothing adds up in this case …
Waiting for the Inquest … :smiley: :smiley:

Boniface Mwangi alijaribu kuleta io angle siku ingine ati ‘her side of the story’ KOT investigators wakamfanya team building ingine mwadhara

Kina kapotty ndio frontline warriors kumtetea

What makes me sad is that men are the one at the forefront trying to sanitize her. Juzi niliona was the woman who killed her principal husband kwa media ati telling her side of the story. The lies she was spewing I’m sure even Lucifer was blushing

Can we now discuss hayati Tom Ongweno who was killed by this Kangongo. From the fake suicide note she stated Tom was innocent and she didn’t know why she killed him.

Does it look like she killed herself …??? :smiley: :smiley:

i dont care bora alikufa

You sound so bitter, take it easy its not on your plate also dont be too salty. She was eliminated for a course, There must have been as driving factor that we may not be able to understand now. I don’t want to meddle on this issue that much since you already have an informed opinion about the deceased, unless you get the facts dont be quick to judge, the fact that all is not adding up plus the mediocrity among the officers.


Yes I am bitter because you are sanitizing a culprit. Men never get an opportunity to even tell their side of the story. That’s why Mr.

You do know that as a man, you are supposed to be more logical than a woman. Also, uko na more capacity than a woman to neutralize people… Kwa hivo, you will be judged more harshly…

If you commit a series of murders like Kangogo did, just make sure that you use your bigger thinking capacity to evade the cops…

Otherwise calm down and don’t even try such foolishness… Her story falls into the category ya kukuliwa Bibi… Just move on na uwache mauchungu coz almost all men wamepitia izi vitu… Including the so-called Ktalk alphas

I suspect tht she didnt kill him. There isnt any evidence connecting her to his murder apart from her phone. She being a trained Police indoubt tht she would have left her phone in the scene of crime

This is criminal who got what was coming to her, this gender nonsense is a side show.