Carol Radull for FKF president

Huyu mumama apewe hicho kiti…



What are her managerial credentials?

True. Look at Koome

who do you guys suggest…

elections bado , but cartel pale FKF haitakubali

Being a good critic doesn’t mean you will be a good reformer.

Lakini anawezapewa kiti tuone

She is not a natural leader. Look at her 20 year stint at radio Africa and she did not rise through the ranks.

KDF…wakule kwa mpango because we know they also “'eat”

This is not a good tool for KPI. Have you considered company policy. Pengine Kajurous are never to be heard…

False. Much as there is nepotism and cronyism in companies, a diligent and self driven fellow will rise regardless. Kwa gava ndio ngori.

because she posts sports on her social media handles? No son

Why can’t we have a former footballer or coach managing FKF? They would at least care for the players welfare and work towards improving it.

Women should stay in the kitchen.

Nani alikurongosa?

Let’s give it to people like:

  • Musa Otieno
    -Mugabe Were
    -John Muiruri
    -Tobias Ocholla

Yaaay my fellow ‘gunnerlet’ !
But najua hamwezi kubali yeye…it is a man’s world after all.

you all came out guns blazing… this educated woman understands kenyan football than most of us , atleast mpe hio …alafu she will know who to appoint and fire

…si mlisema women are great organisers/planners/economists etc

Football leadership needs more testosterone and less estrogen… yeye pengine awekwe technical bench ya starlets

Shove your empowered feminist mumbo jumbu deep inside your anal sphincters meffii.