Cargo Consolidation: Pay customs taxes on invoice Value not on weight!


wasn’t this the case? Nilitumiwa software some time back and the customs guys were asking a percentage of the cost

It started then was stopped… This is for goods brought in through cargo consolidation… like clothes, shoes, etc… If it is sent directly to you and you clear individually at the Customs office, then you do not receive them though consolidation but individually and you pay based on CIF value…

Waache ujinga bana. Niko na stuff inakuja.

We will under declare!!!

Sasa Afrisali and the rest wamekufa tu hivyo? If you pay straight to KRA based on CIF, Afrisali get their cut how?

KRA has a catalogue and they will use it! The law says " The Customs Value as per the purchases invoice - CIF or the Customs Value based on their predefined inventory, whichever is higher!"…

You might be invoiced kra bill and freight. Some good will have to be forfeighted. There is no way I am paying thrice the value of a product.

So how does Speedaf work in all of this?

Na ukilipa upeleka KRA pin? Sisi watu wa Nyamakima jagathi atatujua

If you bring in volumes, they will clear them commercially… one item… worth a few dollars, they ignore

Lakini Cargo consolidaters were paying 200 per kg, then charging us 1500per kg? Wueh, horera. How much do they pay the airline per kg?

Some pay like $5.7 up to 1kg

It depends on the source… Some goods are from Turkey, others from Dubai, others from China… Courier charges will be different…

fuack sasa hii biashara yangu ya memory cards imepigwa lubeing ivo.

This is some very bad news

Jambazi sugu pipinya hao kabisa

Hii tax ndio ilimalisa builders Karen

Hasola Herodius wanajua njia zote za kumumunya…nangoja yellow wheelbarrows za kubeba pesa toka Kplc,kra,safcom to statehouse na his chicken farm sugoi

Wacha sasa uone imports zikikauka kabisa.