Careless human beings

Kwani restaurant na bar unaenda kula na macho. Kaa nyumbani kama hutaki kukaa na watu.

Surprisingly, this seems to be the order of the day for muscular men, they think that since they heavily built they can intimidate and threaten anyone, well, until the day a Glock is placed on their face.


I agree with u. Almost all people who are ‘dying’ of kuvid are either fat or diabetic. Misiba za kujiletea tuuu

I’m very lean but very healthy. Gym is my next home.

Hata yule MP imemuuwa alikuwa anasema rallies zinakuwa banned to stop Ruto and he was always in running battles with the police akiwa na khalwale. Yaani you actually think the whole world can conspire to lie? Are you insane?

It’s not realistic to stay indoors in a world where we are always in the rat race.

I am not a medic. All I know regarding this virus I’ve heard it from WHO and akina @Purple . But one thing is clear, whatever protocols they’ve advised people to do is working. Those that adhere to the protocols have protected others from themselves. It’s hilarious that you are disputing their advice.

You are risking the lives of others na hio ujinga yako. Worse still, you are putting your immediate family in danger because of your stupidity.

It’s irritating seeing someone ignoring orders and putting your own life in danger.

Jana someone shook my hand, which i have avoided for many many months, and it felt very odd and i had to hand wash and sanitize immediately.

Am not refuting… just joining the dots it’s also hilarious you can’t see gapping holes on some these narratives and explanations given thereof

Imagine kuna watu hawatambui hivyo and it saddens me. Right now figures are going high every day na bado @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii anasema hakuna Corona.

Many people have concerns regarding the whole thing and some are valid. But is the virus killing people? YES. In large numbers. It’s like coming home and finding your home on fire and instead of putting off the fire unaanza kuuliza maswali hazisaidii huo wakati yet fire is razing your house down.

Wakukufa watakufa tu ata ujifungie kwa banker kama Joe Biden… ni wangapi wanavaa condom na wanapata ukimwi wakiwa kinyozi

Am not tribalistic and you have a point…but you sound kuwa na ki-ujeuri flani au ki-ujinga ya tribe flani a caliber of people I hate to the core

Taja iyo tribe tujue.

Wewe na mimi tunajua

Najua. Ni ukweli

I know what you are thinking but I am not. Unfortunately. Ni juu najam mimi nikiona watu hawako serious. Meanwhile,