Careless human beings

Human beings can be irritating. Imagine we are in the middle of a pandemic na kuna mbwa haijawai vaa mask, haikeep social distance and lives as if we are in normal times. Tunaambiwa tu vizuri hizo protocols ndizo options as of now but you will see a full man and woman walking without a mask ama zingine mtu amevaa kwa chin kama bling bling. I almost slapped some guy a few weeks ago for not wearing a mask properly kwa matatu. Very irritating. Bado utaskia mwingine akisema hakuna Corona yaani unaskia kumnyonga saa hio. Everyone must be made to understand that our survival is pegged on each and everyone of us having common sense. Even if half of the population mask up but the other half doesn’t, we will not survive. Mvae mask!

Ikiwa kuna mbwa haijawai vaa mask ama kukeep chochio disatance tangu March na bado iko hai, si that just gives more weight to the assertion that corona issa scam?

That cements the fact that you are among those with zero common sense. Masking up protects others from you, not the vise versa. Hio umbwa haivai mask inaeza kuwa asymptomatic na ndio itacough Covid iingie mwingine [hata kama huyo mwingine amevaa mask] through the eye membranes. This logic should be enforced in everyone.

Don’t blame the dude… has a single lens and hence singular outlook to things. Let him be, he need to watch the small box in the evening to tell him what other things he need to adhere to in-order to survive.
He can’t even see the fault in his case. He’s using matatu and he’s assuming he can stay safe from sub-microorganism…shiit what’s human??

Ukijaribu hii ujinga na mimi ntakupiga uppercut mzito uta-land na slow motion.

On the contrary good Sir. It means hiyo mbwa took good care of his health by not eating sugary foods, processed junk, and other shit that cause lifestyle diseases. One of those dead ghaseers was a fat doctor who should have known how to control his diet to avoid hypertension. Sasa why should I be held responsible for his stupidity? Wa kufa watakufa tuuuuuuu.

I’m 120 KGs pure muscle. My presence is felt whenever I step in. Sipendi ujinga mimi. You will not sit around me without a mask. I always tell you to mask up or move elsewhere.

That [mis]logic is what I’m fighting now. And I wish I was a police officer at these times. Mngetii. Why should one risk the lives of others by not following simple rules… just having a mask on.

What’s the assumed size of a virus bro… it can sieve through cell membrane. Do you know how thin that thing is? And some guy sitting few centimeters from you sneeze and just coz you have mask you are safe??.. talk of zombinized humans

Those opposing masks are trump people, see where their leader is.

If he sneezes with a mask on, medics tell us that the droplets will be filtered in the mask hence protecting the rest from the virus. Isn’t that what WHO are telling us! Hio ndio sababu tunaambiwa tuvae mask na ukae mbali na wengine. Kama huvai mask I will tell you off immediately I step in some establishment whether bar, restaurant or whatever. Mask up or sit very far from me.

Who hurt you? Angusha jina tuue yeye

Why not just self isolate for the duration of the pandemic instead of throwing tantrums. If not, dont think youll change the habits of 70% nairobians.
P.s. Nunua gari uwache kupanda matatu.

I think you’re in the risk category.
Stop sugar-coating.
Just say that you’re obese with underlying conditions.
120kgs pure muscle kitu gani!!!


This is the kind of thuggery that irks me. It’s not about me or an individual. It’s about all of us. Even if I self isolate myself what about my neighbours? Our survival is pegged on ALL of us adhering to the protocols . Imagine if educated guys like you can’t understand this, what about the illiterate!

Si anachapa tizii

Hii ni poroja, hakuna corona Kenya. I’ve never worn a mask and never will

You are going to eat/drink with your mask on… very smart.
Correct you said droplets. Assuming that that’s only thing that virus can attach themselves to… which i doubt, either way, there’s steamed air that comes/sieve through the mask and if any science that i studied is true that’s enough to pass microscopic leave alone sub