Career Advice pls!

Need help hapa, I’m a self taught dev, started hapo last year March hivi tutorials za YouTube e. t. c,I tried joining Andela but sikutosha then they killed their recruitment in Kenya , nkaamua on advice nikaenda Rwanda, kutry kujoin Andela ya huko kama junior dev hapo August as yao bado ilikuwa inarecruit, and I got In! Huko they’ve made an agreement na gava where, for every 1 foreigner amejoin lazima kuwe na 4 Rwandans, soo since there weren’t enough Rwandans wamemake I was told najoin Jan ama Feb next year (2020 sasa). Then hapo dec they send me an email that they’re no longer recruiting non-rwandans,so nisahau huko.I’ve been applying internships Huku na junior dev positions lakini wapi! Degree nlisomea biotech na kuna job potential naeza get but sidai kuabandon coding,advice tafadhali

Yooh… nimefanya biotech pia na ni quite disappointing. Naweza kuadvice uchukue hiyo potential job unasema ukiendelea kutafuta place ingine wanaweza kuchukua ufanye coding. Just saying

Good advice.

How are you surviving? If you don’t have desperate need for cash maybe you can go back to school and get formal training in coding? Lakini biotech is a very challenging degree course in terms of getting work. Keep pushing

Maze ni kama job ya coding imekua na wasee excess. I did computer science, graduated last year. I’ve been sending emails for junior dev but ni kama wewe tu. Nothing positve so far.
Una-apply wapi?

Usomee biotech umalize na kadegree alafu uichuje? Wah!,wasted mornings kuamukia class.

Waah, pia comp sci guys mnaumia,I didn’t expect that, Literally nashinda kwa hizi job websites, Akina Fuzu, I went for one interview then wakanighost

I did comp sci pia, graduated 2015 na nimeland job ya same field last year June… Hii field imekuwa tough

Most of my friends from Andela got virtual jobs. Have you tried any?

But atleast when you get a job in this field, you’ll be getting a good pay. What are your current fields?

Web development

Me too. I’ve not got any position yet, I am looking forward for one. I’ve been coding since August…

U mean remote jobs? Nuuh I haven’t tried any, got any links?the ones I’ve seen aren’t looking for junior devs

Yeah, remote jobs, bado mimi natafta, but most companies will consider Andela guys

You have a good chance of getting a job esp. because you have been through Andela. Most local companies are currently looking for ex-Andelans. To top it, you have a degree though this has never been a requirement to be hired in a serious tech company. My advice would be this:

  1. Polish your LinkedIn profile and make connections with your Andela friends. Make sure you mention you attended bootcamp.
  2. Create sample projects and push them to your github. Follow clean code principles and atleast add tests. Your Github is everything.
  3. Link your github profile with LinkedIn. Employers are hiring through LinkedIn
  4. In the meantime, try a couple of challenges on hackerrank as most interviews will require you to complete a technical assessment and they get them from here.
  5. Lastly don’t call yourself a junior dev. You are a developer, period.

You can also search for a job at ihub: or braveventureslab:

Sawa Deorro

i needed this

Pink handle. Nitakuinboks. Are you a developer?

As a recruiter, this is a secret I will tell only you people… A computer science degree means nothing. I would hire an I.T specialist with a diploma than a comp science degree holder.

Why exactly? I’m curious