Careen Chepchumba's Killer is Still at Large, but Fingers are Pointed at Her Close Relative

The story of Monica Kimani echos that of Careen Chepchumba, a 26-year-old employee of Kenya Power at the time, who was found dead in her apartment at Santonia Court in Kilimani, Nairobi, on February 12, 2012. Careen would spend hours on the phone with her stepfather( unknown to many) engaging in lazy chats to the astonishment of her workmates who found the calls a bit long and awkward. Careen would pack the father’s traveling bag, she would know when he traveled, what he would wear, and when he would return. At one point, one of her parents called her a whore and at times they would team up to beat her up. When she died and her body was discovered days later, it was her kid brother and stepfather who had last visited her; the mother was shocked to discover that the father knew where the daughter lived. Louis Otieno, a neighbor to Careen Kili( before she moved to her new apartment) was arrested and questioned over her murder. The stepfather to Careen while having breakfast a day* after her murder sensationally claimed he had seen Louis leave the house ( he occupied a house below the Kilis’) in essence placing him in Nairobi only for the police to say Louis Otieno was not in Nairobi but in Magadi during the time of the murder. The person to last visit Careen had time to have a drink, have sex, and aid her pen a long suicide note blaming Louis Otieno for her suicide. Police bungled the murder investigation: they failed to lift fingerprint marks ( careen was strangled), and conduct a DNA test on the spermatozoa found on Careen’s remains….she was not raped . Careen died in the hands of a person she knew, a person she willingly let into her house. A neighbor who spoke to me on condition of anonymity asked me to speak to her mother, “she must know who killed her daughter” she told me. Louis Otieno told me Careen had confided in him and a specialist that she was a victim of sexual abuse by a close relative. The stepfather, days after her murder surprised the country by announcing that the family had forgiven the killers… I’m still convinced, that someday, one day, the man who killed Careen will face trial. If Louis Otieno had not stepped forward and fought, he would have been in jail serving time for a crime he never committed. Here is the link to Casefiles: Here is the link to Casefiles:

Louis Otieno alienda kufanya Nini Kwa lanye ilikua inafirwa na stepfather


It was his turn to collect slices. Si sabuni haiishi.


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