Carbon Trading Bizinezz

Is there an indigenous African owned business dealing with carbon trading, carbon credits and ideally tier 1 carbon offsets. I’m really curious about that as they all seem to be mzungu led primarily due to the funding landscape as the money will come from whites, so they want to see a fellow white??? And it goes even beyond land, and community land carbon sinks, even in ocean carbon sequestration, is that in Kenya yet? Or is it preserved for mzungu led by jabass and Johnny Sinns pale UoN Chancellor. Does a Kenyan, black as night skin color stand a chance even for a pilot proof of concept for $500K? Or are these technologies only understood by wazungus? The me&u can’t afford the thousands of acres for natural REDD carbon sinks but what if we look at ocean use, that leaves us with 3 options Indian Ocean, Lake Victoria and Turukana to work with, will the county politics allow?

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