Car Tinting

Habari ya wanakijiji… Now, car gurus, I have a question, why are WHITE cars abit cheaper compared to others say black and silver cars?? Because personally I think white cars look so good. Have you seen a pearl white car with nice rims and dark tinted windows, looks gorgeous. So villagers, what would you advise about getting a pearl white car??

Also, what would you guys advice me on tinting car windows all round including the windscreen? Does it inconvenience anything especially night driving?

Guys, if you have any info pertinent to any of the aforementioned issues, please share it here. Let’s make this thread as informative as possible.

because it does not heat up as much in the sun. This makes long term maintenance cheaper,

Pearl White…!!!
I find it quite good, but then, it’s a big deal and challenge to many painters…be warned.

You might want to be a little bit conservative with the tint grade on the wind shield as visibility at night may be an issue if the tint grade is intensely dark. You will think your headlights are not working properly yet its the tint.

Azin whenever you need a paintjob or what did you mean?

Kwanza a pearl white Benz Punanh

Yeah…of course your car is gonna get hit, scratched and such…it’ll need some kind of repainting, but as I said, Pearl White is no joke!!

There’s a special place reserved in hell for those who tint their windscreens.

Go pearl white all the way. Noma comes when paint job is needed.
Windscreen tint is badass! BUT driving at night can be a challenge kwanza when it is raining glare becomes too much from incoming traffic

Why exactly? it’s just a lighter shade of tint, where someone can’t clearly see the driver.

Paint job itakua expe ama tricky? Alafu tinting ya windscreen won’t be the same as other windows. I want it to be just a bit lighter where one can’t see or look through it.

Pearl white is an expensive paint. Get it if you are a careful driver…and pearl white cars tend to be more expensive than most other colours

Auchhh kwani white sio white

Tint quality matters a lot. Go for ceramic based tint. Please, please don’t cut out peeping holes for the side mirrors.

Just, don’t! Please!

White cars are graceful

Book me 2 spaces

Call this guy 0724900858 Ruff he’s fitted loads of this… budget <10k
otherwise, 3M budget 25K
izi zingine kawaida ata 3k utapata, but visibility is shit

watu wa curtains wacha tuketi pale ---->

Windscreen tint makes it a hustle to drive usiku. You have to seat in a position that will hurt your back. and after investing so much in it you cant get it removed. Weka super dark kwa all windows and the rear windscreen but leave the front as it is!

labda za vichochoro.
weka Llumar or 3M hata mbele iko shwari. also reduces glare from ferkers who don’t dim