Car Theft or Petty Thieves?

Last week I decided to go by road to Dala city. Decided to take a break in some place in Naks. Parked my car in some basement in the building to take some coffee before I proceed. On coming back, I found my rear door open but nothing untouched in the car. What could have happened?

Someone bewitched you probably your ghey partner so that your foreskin wilts and drop off

Sell the car ASAP

Is this lingo for kufunguliwa boot? You gays mumekuja sana

Chombo changu chakusumbulia nini?

Please expound


Kara hio kisiagi

Nothing untouched? Or nothing touched? Expound.
I digress. Incase you found nothing touched, there’s also a possibility that you opened the rear door subconsciously and forgot to close it. Only for you to return and not remember how or why you opened it and forgot to close it.


Kuna watu huspecialize in robbing parked cars. They also always have a car themselves. Its the same gang that follows you from the bank after you make a big cash withdrawal. They are also in cahoots with kina @uwesmake bank tellers

sell that car. get a old school benz. unatafutwa

Niaje Mjaruo? Umepotea sana.

@Tiriitiondo jnr must have forgotten to close the door

Nani ananitafuta?

They did not find anything they were looking for?

Exported myself to Nyeri to bring forth life.

Simple you forgot to lock wachana na superstitions mingi

I was born in nakuru…hatuna ushoga huko

Uliekewa tracker ama madawa usafirishe. Report the issue to nearest police station immediately to clear your name incase kiumane hapo mbele.