Car on Sale

Subaru Forester SG5, Cross sports
Year 2004
54,053KM Mileage
Extremely clean
Grade 4.0
Fresh import
Foreign plates


The car has foreigh plates. Meaning the buyer will be paying for monthly foreign permit of $21 or $51 quarterly…and thats all









Before we start, hii gari imetoka nchi gani and is it in Kenya LEGALLY?


foreign plates? how does that work

the one on the side looks more sexy

@Ice Pubes kuna mtu anauza gari yako.


Kwani ni binadamu ??

Nimeona ‘Fresh Import’ and @Meria Mata came to mind.

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My friend, there are legal papers that allow foreign registered motor vehicles in this country. What if the car has been stolen from elsewhere and dumped in the country. Do you know the work of INTERPOL? That is why my first question was, hii gari imetoka nchi gani?

I will pick up this issue once that question has been answered, meanwhile kalisha makende pale ufunzwe vitu mbili au tatu hivi nugu hii…

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Tuanze hapa gari ya 2004 na mileage ya 54K? Ama ulibadilisha odometer?
12years hata kama mwenyewe huendesha gari akienda pit latrine 30M from the main house bado haimake sence


kama tu @Theuri wa kigogoine amesema hapo juu
changes are usually done to these ones

but inakaa sawa. very stock. naona intercooler ni ile ile.
and the price is very very good.


Dagitari, its obvious haununui hii gari, so wacha investigation za Moha jicho pevu. Its no secret most of our so called ‘low mileage’ vehicles hata za wanga ziko tampered with na tunajua hio…cheza chini…

Agreed. It looks well maintained…

Subaru owners amaze me. The car has a turbo. I am willing to bet my left nut that it has been abused at some point in addition to clocking mad kilomitres then odometre inabadilishwa wakitaka kuuza. Sasa niggar wants to convince people that the car is low mileage. How now after 12 years? I should know because i own one. Subarus store the mileage reading in the clock. What niggars do is buy a spare clock with lower mileage then wanaweka mpaka ile time wanataka kuuza gari after abusing it and putting on it alot of miles. So they simply swap the damn clock and voila!, we have a low mileage car.
That said, that car should go for less than 500k. Fair valuation. Anything above that does not make sense since you can get a similar car with local plates for 650k and avoid the inconvinience of getting foreign permits every quarter.


21$ per month? Hii hata haifikii bill yang ya stigma.

Finally what will the buyer do when he wants to sell the damn car since I suppose there is no logbook during purchase

nani amekuuliza bill yako ya stima? kama unataka kulipa 10k unaweza pia KRA hawatakataa. hii watu ya new money wana maringo ndogo ndogo sana

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yenyewe imetoka which country? coz that there is not the number plate

kuna space ya kukukamua kwa backseat?

year 2004 ?
12 year old vehicle ?
620K ?
a lot does not add up here

That, to me, looks like (part of) the chassis number.

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Upuz hizi gari huku ikiwa genuine ni cheap sana.karibu uongezewe quail

Not only that with foreign plates, every cop will stop you. Trust me. Headache made in hell. Not worth it.