car jump starter

how reliable are these things?
who has used them and what is your experience?

most are useless. buy 2 heavy duty wire ya stima, they work

Get an emergency portable car jump starter with air compressor. Works fine.

Kama ni jumpers just make your own with EastAfrican Cables , hizi za ma hawker just have alot of plastic and the wire nikama ya charger ya simu !
If you want the emergency battery starter pack ( Basically and battery you haul around incase yours goes flat ) Look for the modern Lithium battery type they are much smaller ( the size of a powerbank ) they have alot of juice you don’t have to keep charging , forget the older huge lead acid types !
There is one I want to buy from amazon roughly 10k ( and always check before and after kama bado iko ukienda carwash and let them know unajuwa iko hapa wasijaribu magic)

Check out the vid below for details

Depends on model and where you bought it. Been using one for last 2 yrs with no issues, it is basically a powerbank and can also charge phones. Can jumstart petrol engines less than 6.0L and diesel less than 3.0L. The brand is NOCO UltraSafe. (usijali juu ya jina noco :slight_smile: )

Uli buy mangapi ? na wapi ?

Amazon - [MEDIA=amazon]B015TKUPIC[/MEDIA]

Amazon - https : // www . amazon . com/NOCO-GB40-UltraSafe-Lithium-Starter/dp/B015TKUPIC

Most that are available are useless. Pitia site ya mtu akukatie wire za stima.