Car jerking

What causes a car to loose power and jerk especially on low speed? Did service recently and brake pads checked both are just fine. Plugs are also good. I doubted my old tires but the problem is still there despite buying new tires. Kindly advice

not the jerking i was expecting

Peleka ifanyiwe diagnosis stop guessing…

Ama uiweke pahali carelessly ikuwe car jacked.
Then you claim from insurance.
Your car jerking will have been solved by car jacking.

Misfiring? Cylinder ziko poa (rings ok ama bore imeguarwa). How’s your fuel filter (iko sawa ama tuumaji tumeingia)

what speed is low speed, power will most likely have to do with air and or fuel delivery to the engine, the jerking might be a transmission issue.
If the issues started after the service, then its good to confirm if the right plugs were used, and if they were installed properly - I dont see how tires would affect power or lead to jerking

Fuel filter nlieka during service,the problem was there even before.

Plugs iko sawa,i didn’t replace since ilikua poa. The problem was there even before the servicing.

I am a bit deep in OH- sh!t but one of my strengths is my memory and am sure I’ve read a similar post here. There were some replies and it seems haukusaidika.
OK, you seem to have sorted almost everything possible. Am no mechanic but have somebody check your differential oil kama it’s leaking or replace kama iko. The ordinary mechs call it CC na ukisaidika utumie mimi balozi moja apa local

You say your car jerks?

Cheki prugs

Ni gari gani?

Angalia ignition coils kama zinachoma. Most likely one is faulty.

Did you get it sorted? Kama ni a diesel engine mostly its the exhaust iko blocked inside so Inazuia flow ya compressed air