Hi guys…would it be possible to import a car that has been converted from left-hand drive to a right-hand drive into Kenya?

Yes, because it is no longer a left-hand drive, it is a right-hand drive. Some of these things just requires logical reasoning, you don’t have to ask, usiogope kufikiria

Yes you can bring it in because the inspection report will indicate that it is RHD and not LHD.

this has to be the most stupid question asked on kenyatalk

As long as they also swap the passenger and driver’s seats, it might be a problem at the port of entry.

This was my worry…cc @tall mnyama everywhere @chap @Jimjones…would it be a problem to enter the port if the inspection report shows that there has been a conversion from lhd to rhd?

Why would there be a problem? The car is already a RHD

Thanks for the heads up