car hires

Does anyone have contacts to a reputable car hire (individual or company) that operates in more than one town, where they would allow one to perhaps pick a vehicle for hire in let’s say Nai and you can return it in a different region like Nax.

Najua tu majuu

Check Glory.

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more details pls, I only know of Glory driving school.

Glory hole??

AVIS Rent a Car.
You can get even a Mercedes if you so wish but be ready to pay through the nose and a host of other requirements.

Kumbe wewe ni wale watu wa kuenda ocha kufloss na gari za car hire ocha :D:D:D


Bibi amesema haezi bebwa na matatu tena?


:D:D:D:D zai actually, I prefer to drive my young family kwenda ocha rather than allow misus na junior kuhustle na mat na luggage to and fro. It’s actually cost effective. Considering getting them a family car sometime next year.


Oooh :slight_smile: hio ni poa basi

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wangu hata akakataa, I wouldn’t think twice about it. Nampa anachotaka.

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nyinyi ndio wale mkiingia Ocha kuku zote huhepa

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managed to call the guys but they only have offices in Nairobi, Ksm and Mombasa. Lemme know if you have any other options in mind

Don’t judge. Ukifanikiwa na familia utaelewa.

hehehe am not judging

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I seldom go ocha so when i get a chance, najua nitabeba mbuzi mzima na pia lots of farm produce so lets say it’s all about convenience.