Car Hire just for the weekend

so kuanzia hii week , I need a ride just for every other weekend just within Nairobi . Any ideas how I can hook up an affordable car and is it possible to get a two day insurance coverage ?. Mwenye ako na experience , whats a decent rate ? do they ask for deposits /collateral . Basically how would you go about this . Shukran

Following for a friend

following for a relative

Mwenye kujibu, what would be the rate if I wanted to use the car to and fro Bungoma?

Do you know according to NTSA you cannot hire a probox if its insured to carry more than five people

hehehe , I didn’t know that but can see why after their recent crackdown

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Car hire is now a referral business because alot of crooks and conmen are pretending to be clients to either steal the car or spares. My connect doesn’t even hire out his car to new clients from Oct-Jan and the other months for someone new then you have to be introduced by a current customer. Even that the car has a checklist when it’s returned to make sure it’s still in good shape.

Thanks for the feedback… didn’t have that[SIZE=4] dimension … [/SIZE]

…and when he does, how much does he charge per day etc…?

Why do you want a two day insurance separate from which the owner has insured?

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3000 per day small cars 5000 per day for SUV.

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I was under the impression the driver shoulders that burden

if you need a car every weekend why hire ?, just get a loan and buy yourself a car .

nursery school maths
sedan = 3k per day
a month = 8 x 3000= 24,000

get a car loan of 600k and in 25 months the loan will be fully paid


I’m not based in Kenya & wont be in Nai long enough to justify a purchase . 3 months tops

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Why do you assume he’s in a position to make loan repayments for 25 months?
And 2, who told you he has the security for the bank loan?

I think he misread “every other weekend” I meant biweekly …ie skip a weekend so his math its already off track…no biggie tho ,thanks everybody for your input

Kuna za 2k. Kuna jamaa alikua hapo Gilfillan hse he used to give me at 1500for the day but overnight I add a K.

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Plus hio loan harudishi 600k. Atarudisha plus interest