Car Dealership Torched In Wiscosin

I approve this.



Why do you approve this? This is the worst thing and the person who did it should be shot dead. The car dealership has no connection whatsoever with the shootings. Clearly address the situation at hand

he is a self hating black dude. He must live a really pittiful life to enjoy the suffering of others

Business owners will force police to be accountable for their racist actions. They will know that shooting or killing minorities will cause millions in business loses.

This will be the new normal. Kill a nigger, expect Billions in loses. Enough is enough

Check out the 1967 Detroit riots , what did they solve ?

Yap hit the rich guys in the pockets and see how things get fixed quick.

Nah ! ! ! Jungus just move out , with their capital and businesses, they go to other counties and start from scratch.
Detroit was once a booming city, then came the 1967 riots, jungus left that city, so did capital, investment and jobs. Today Detroit is a shell of it’s former glory.
Same thing is happening to California, and companies are relocating in droves.