Car Dealer Business Partner needed.

I am based in the UK and there are cheap quality second hand cars available that are suitable for the kenyan market.
I am looking for a business partner based in Kenya (preferably Nairobi) so that we can collaborate.
So if you are a car dealer or looking forward to venture into the car import business then feel free to chat me up.

Niaje mwizi. Tafuta toto jinga kwingine. Huku watu wamebebea nchi akili :D:D:D


How much deposit or security fee is needed to start? :D:D


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How much deposit or security fee is needed to start? :D:D
you do not need deposit or security. All I need is someone that is interested in a long term business relationship. I will source good cars in the UK , the kenyan partner pay for the cars and will handle the custom clearing and sales. Being based in the UK means, I get cheaper cars that will return a health profit[/QUOTE]

So you don’t have relatives or friends in Kenya?

Are you Kenyan? If so why not use your friends/relatives

No I don’t. Precise I really don’t do business with family

My Nigerian broda Osu, you have moved from Yahoo Yahoo scams now you do spare parts? How is Lagos? And say hello to Ogbonna Ike Ije, meff


This sounds like a typical Yahoo Yahoo naija con artist. Transact with him at your own risk.

I feel sorry for you. Not every person is a yahoo yahoo con artist. I am an established business man. You can visit my meat company on and you can also check my name on the UK companies house website. So if you do not have the guts to do business then please go away.

I really don’t get the hate

Ka-Buda unasumbua

I just realised that there is a kenyan chamber of commerce where I can meet serious business men and women instead of wasting my time here with haters and busybodies

Do that already. Go find gullible Kenyans elsewhere.

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My broda take your scam elsewhere

Kwanza hio jina Osu, mungu saidia. Biafra hapanleta hapa. Ati jamaa anataka kuenda Kenya Chamber of commerce ku-discuss importation of scrap metal into the 254. Kuna watu wako na ambitions kweli.

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All concealed range rovers are from UK. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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@emmanuel osu have you contacted the Kenyan community in the UK?, they will be more than willing to help, this is a long route you are taking, spare yourself the effort.

Again, why don’t you concentrate on the Nigerian market?, I presume you are already established there.

Lastly, our legislation is quite friendly, at an affordable fee, I can assist you to incorporate a Company here to do this business for you. You don’t really need a partner, with your cash, we can set up everything and you will be up and running within no time.

Kindly confirm if you are agreeable so that I can forward you our Letter of Engagement. Mobilization fee is 80% of the total set up costs payable in advance.


@emmanuel osu I would like to do business with you.Kindly ship a Range Rover 2014 or newer as a sample this will go along way in enhancing our mobility as we go to meet potential client.
In the meantime send me an email to my address [email protected]