Car colour change

People often prefer to maintain car original colour and even if you try to talk to someone about colour change they will advice you to sell yours and buy the one with the colour you want. I am asking how tedious is the process of changing the car colour? do you paint on top or you scratch off the previous paint first?

Changing is not a big deal provided you have a Jaruo who is experienced in the art. The legal implications are what matters.

You ought to have detected by now that there must be something that prevents people from changing colour as they wish. Continue digging.

Na wrapping je?

Well, for older cars, the ones with heavier metal, tafta mahali wakufayie Sand blasting, even better Soda blasting, newer cars with weight concerns and fiber bodies, maybe utumie sand paper kusugua, tafta mjaka kama @poyoloko au babake akutengenezee. Remember to change it in the Log book too.
Alternatively, you can choose to wrap it as indicated by [B]Orangutan[/B] up there. Either way, weka at least 70k kando ya iyo kazi.

Changing the colour will also mean, you change the Logbook

you change the colour the same way you change the engine. additional cost will be because you need to strip inside and paint it.

Fuaking expensive.

To change the original color shida Moja ni inexperienced work force wakose kusugua Kila place vizuri ama the paint density haitoshani uanze kupata bubbles, which translate to depreciated resale value. Pia ukiuziwa gari imepakwa rangi your first guess ni ati ilipata accident.
Sasa the biggest challenge hukua u have to visit dci they tapelift the chasis number then give you some documents to use on Ntsa portal, this is prove haujaiba gari kwa museveni or so.

Kuchange color means you also amend the details on your logbook.Oti ni pro Kwa changes ya rangi

mimi bora gari ikimbie color ni rangi to

I inquired about that, so expensive, for my car (name withheld) I was slapped with a 100K quotation

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