Caption This

What could be going on here …?? :D:D


Afrika, we have a lot of free time:D

Kuona na mecho

Seems to me like an Offer of some sort that the intended subject is having a challenge accepting … :D:D:D

Jamaa anarushiwa mtama. There is a hole known to swallow men’s careers, businesses, property like tractors…

Kuosha mecho

:D:D:D He saw a wet pussy


You need to be a bit more specific …
There are so many different kinds of “Holes” … :D:D:D

  • Manholes
  • Keyholes
  • Peepholes

That can be quite profound … :D:D

As in an invitation to wash his face in the bucket …??? :D:D

:smiley: hizi video bonobo hu post youtube lazima upate click bait of some big ass lady of some sort even when the topic is unrelated.Bonobo kazi ni kudinyana tu.

Ask any marketing guru …
Sex Sells , Bro … :D:D


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umafwi thread

Many with such an opportunity will tell you that they got a glimpse of Heaven … :D:D