Caption this...

[SIZE=5]“Semeni ng’we nihare hapa!”[/SIZE]

ng’we X2

1/3 of Uhuru cabinet is admited in hospitals after having lunch in DP rutos Home residence

Stuff which reduce ktalk to a childish site…


Ngwe ngwe

Nani huyu? Who is daring us like this?

[SIZE=6]Caption this [/SIZE]

Wait for it… Uskie vile nduthi za RWNEEBP zikipull through na smoke inanuka msoto

hehehe,hiii nomaaaaaa:eek:

Nme them first and I will give you a caption…

@mouraythee and @Purple.

Sexual Exploitation On The Rise

:D:D Ulishikwa ukifanya nini?

Tulishikwa tukifanya(na) nini . that’s the apt question.