There is this Greek song that goes" Atumia mwendaga atia mwatiga nyumba ya ihiga. Mwatiga mburi giceegu ciagite wagucirora.
Hii upus ndio wife alifanya Na kuacha our poultry badala ya kukip an eye close alitaka tu kukaa dee.[/SIZE]

Now, after I suffered great losses when all my birds died, I settled to a better plan. Earlier I had given Mrs 20k to do some shopping akasema ni madharau. Tukakosana akamalysya kindu a week. Hapo ndipo ile kisanga ya kupatikana na Tabby ilitokea.

Ustake ona vile shosh aliwaka. She loved my wife to death. Akashidwa huyu mwingine ameletwa ni nani. Aliwasha kama amelambishwa pilipili. Nikamnyamazisha na some K’s na kumpromise Maziwa extra kila siku. Without failing her time to prepare dufia. I was left mourning my chicken with dad, mum, small Siz na mjakazi wetu. Nilijaribu kujifanya msafi kama @pamba. I even swore by ash that there was nothing between me and ‘my other wife’ Tabby. Ile story ilikubaliwa shingo upande. My wife had already stormed and left alarming never to step in our compound again. Wapi??? Kujichocha tu.

Now, after like a week I had sold the eggs I had and totalled the amount I had to 140k. I couldn’t give up on poultry immediately. I had learnt where the mistake was and armed my self to fight one more time. This round a winning battle.

I went for quality breeds at Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) at Kangaru near E twn. I bought some quality kienyeji chicken breeds worth like 50k. I also found some funny birds from the place and other sources. There was this fascinating bird called Bantam. Inapedwa sana Na larvish zereonaires who keep it like a pet. I bought several different breeds. Mature bantam sells at 6500 to 9k. They are called Ornamental birds. Lakini hii bird inakuwanga mtiaji sana. Hawes angua mayai au kuchakulia vifaranga chakula. I kept parrots, Turkey, guinea fowls, ducks among others. I also purchased brooding eggs. The eggs just take 21days to hatch. Within three months period I was counting hundreds of birds ready to market at four to six months of age. The birds are very expensive and fetch a lot. I took care of the birds cautiously like my kids. I even had a regular vet who kept vaccinating and treating them time to time.

Ffwd. Jan 2012. I started marketing once again. My greatest of all partner in bizz bado alikuwa alert. Kimenyi wa nduruti–kimenyi wa lolote"alikuwa Olx. April I had been able to collect more than 350k. But I saw this venture too slow for me and very demanding. I longed for quick cash. I wanted a steady bizz with a regular flow of income sio kungoja seasonal cash. Plus during cold seasons I used to spend a lot maintaining the chicks and the birds.

Ferrying eggs plus birds became too costly for me esp during rainy season. Kwanza hiring a probox to deliver eggs to various hotels, kiosks and shops ilikuwa noma. I hadn’t saved enough to buy any reasonable locomotive. The big man offered to boost me nikabuy Toyota succeed. It was on July msimu wa mvua ya masika. Kathano. Within three months I had already refunded his cash. Hangenipea bure.

It was now easy for me to transact and spread my business coverage zones. After job zangu, the car used to operate as a taxi from E-town to our market centre near the village. Sasa hapo jirani, kuna huyu neiba who passed like twedi years ago. His shamba was left bare for like ten years till the only inheritor, his son, decided to kodisha it to villagers walimange tu. Ujaja ya kumake his land productive. The guy is a millionaire managing his late parents apartments in the city. I approached him akanimegea kipande kidogo nitumie. I built two large zizis that could accomondate 50pigs. Nikarudi pale KARI nikabuy 8quality swines at 10k each. The project costed me like 150k. After 2months i inseminated them. Watu husema nguruwe hula sana but huo ni uwongo. With polard feeds
, nutritional supplements plus some few greens an everage 6months pig haifai kuconsume more than kshs 4k. You start feeding it half a kg of feeds ikiwa less than two months then continue increasing the amount with time to a kilo per day. Then nguruwe huzaa kama panya. So i had kijana wa kazi plus another one at home helping look after my poultry n pigs. The gestation period for pigs is 3months, 3weeks and 3days. The least number of piglets or litters each gave was 11. Plus the mothers sasa I had a total of 76litters. Of course some died of pneumonia. Hii ugojwa ndio adui tu mkubwa wa nguruwe. Pigs attain maturity at 4 to six months. But zangu I gave them the seventh month ndio zijaze weight kabisa. Little did I know that the market was flooded with pig meat when I went selling mine. Instead of each fetching between 20 to 25k they were selling at 12 to 15k. Nikaona hapana. I bought extra feeds plus added another one month ya kulipa jirani alikonikodisha. Another big bladder. Unajua nguruwe ikizeekea sana huwa haipendezi macho pale sokoni. I hustled more marketing but the prices were just getting down day by day. Price ikafika 10k. Yule Kinyua broker wa ng’ombe was ready to purchase my pigs in two rounds. He was to come on a certain monday morning and pick the first round. Sunday jioni I got a strange call. It was from a guy working with Farmers choice. Sikujua ni choice ya ukweli ana ilikuwa tu bonoko. He offered to buy each kg at ksh 275. Meaning with an evarage pig weighing 75 to 80 kgs I made around 21k in each. I did no bizz with kinyua. I made around 1.47m out of the venture.

Now u rem kuna ile time nilikuwa Na bizz ya gas yenye ilisabaratika afta kupelekwa astray ni mashida za loans na kalori. I had voluntarily returned the canter to the bank but sasa sikuwa na uwezo wa kulipa Yale maloans. The canter was auctioned.

It was around the month of Nov wakati niliuza nguruwe. After kuchapa job nikaenda stage ya taxi kutega Hapo. My driver was off the same day coz nilikuwa nimechukuwa Gari nikaenda kudai malipo ya pigs. Nikiwa nimetulia tu Hapo stage na maboys wangu nikiwapa hekaya za abunuwasi, some two uniformed guys in blue plus another two gents, Danny trejo na triple H pamoja na majamaa wa breakdown came and towed my only kasucceed. Barua mkononi nikaachiwa. An exerpt read.

…As you probably know, if you miss a payment or two on your car loan (and, as is typical, the loan was used to buy the car and is secured by the car), the lender has the legal right to physically repossess the car and sell it to recover the money you owe, plus the costs of the sale and attorney’s fees. To do this, the lender doesn’t have to get permission or a court judgment. Under the terms of the contract you signed with the lender, a repo man can simply reclaim the lender’s property. (The lender doesn’t have to give you notice of the repossession; you will just wake up and find your car gone.) When all is said and done, you will still owe the difference between what the lender sells the car for and what you owed on the loan, called a “deficiency.”…nikimaliza kusoma hii paragraph i was profusely sweating. My heart almost skiped some beats.

I never knew that after kuauction Lori kama nilifail kulipia loans masharti yalikuwa any asset or property i gonna own will be seized to recover the unpaid deficit. I had no option. Haisuru.

Out of hasira nilichukua a friends taxi hadi nrb. Destination JKIA. Nikalipa jambojet hadi 001. I found its the first time NV200 ilikuwa imported in Kenya. Mara hiyo hiyo nikapandisha Gari nrb haikupita hapo. I settled in Buruburu area. Behind Mesora. and brought with me my wife tuanze maisha upya.

Lakini si wajua tu. Saitani sio kipii.
Yaani nikisema nijiinue tu kidoogo anainua rungu kuniforce nibackslide???
The Nissan never operated for a year. I’ll be back kuwashow how I later met Tabby and lost my car.

Huyu wife mwenye ulileta mesora ni yupi?
What happened to your biz in Kangaru? Ama ni Kainda Kiura?

Bibi no1

Wewe uliuza nguruwe worth mita na enyewe mkono yako ya biashara iko sawa

Sande @x-trail. Lakini how comes kila time[SIZE=16px] nko karibu kufikisha threshold ya my target kisaitanikary everything crambles[/SIZE]

Sio wewe peke yako tunapitianga mengi take heart utafaulu

Next episode was worst. But am still pressing on.

Vumilia ile kitu najua masomo umepata mingi

Seems trouble follows you, or is your other na wamathina:(:confused::oops:

I don know what seed was planted in me? And by who?


Ulikorogewa na sio siri.

@Roll on do you know the story of Job?

Safi sana. Keep them coming.

poa waingo

TALKERS bfore u think of getting a loan grant or any other financial assistance, unafaa ufikirie sana. always av a plan B just in case.

Kupata 1.47M kutoka kwa farming sio mchezo…hapo ulijaribu…

Pengine mwenye alikuroga alikufa,:D:D:D but you messed yourself by returning the canter, the guys at the bank took advantage and devalued it and of course sold it for a song whereas you could have fetched something to offset your loan. Visit the bank and demand a statement of your loan since you took it and repayments even from proceeds of your vehicles then visit a wakili for advice, its not hard upate interest has exceeded loan principal which is illegal.

Unless you have a running business making profit never finance a startup using a loan. If your business generates net profit of 50k don’t exceed a loan whose repayments are beyond 20k. Also be quick to acquire solid disposable assets that can act as a fall back plan.

Mchamaa hiyo biashara kilimo yako Inakaa Hekaya ya Aden. Just like God had wanted Adam and eve watangamane na wanyama pale aden

Nice. You are an inspiration. You never give up.