captain obvious blaming government as usual

Everytime a kenyan travels to the middle east – against everybody’s better judgement – and comes back in a casket, mongoloids like @captain obvious will want to point fingers at the government.

What ails people like @captain obvious is the belief that laws should save people from their own imbecilities.

We all know – at least the bright among us do – that religion is stupid. Jesus did not rise from the dead. But we wouldn’t want to see pastors harassed by the law for peddling their silly theories. Because if people get jailed today for believing in the christian gospel, I will probably get jailed tomorrow for believing in something sillier. Once the law starts intruding on such matters, there’s no telling when it will stop. (slippery slope)

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If thats the case then the government should br disbanded and everybody should go home. If it cannot fulfil its obligation of ensuring the wellbeing of its citizen, we might as well as disband it and have every man for himself

one of my neighbours tried milking his donkey. The donkey kicked his teeth out. According to your disgraceful suggestion, the government is to blame for not ensuring his well being.

Its not the government’s responsibility to guide morons, however, itis the government’s core role to check out the welfare of its citizens in foreign lands

Yes! Government ingeensure education is free and of good quality. Your neighbour angesoma na angejua no milking donkeys

its the government’s responsibility to watch over morons as long as they’re in a foreign country, is what you’re saying.

you don’t need formal education to know milking donkeys is a bad idea. The list of bad ideas is inexhaustible. To teach them all in school is impossible.

The thing with religion is ridiculous claims are persistently made and relentlessly repeated to the extent they become accepted as truth. Did Samson really kill 1000 men on his own?

not just that, they’re taught to kids at a very young age. And beliefs taught at a young age are impossible to change, even when you present the bearers of those beliefs with facts that run counter to those beliefs.


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Yes, theists love to target and indoctrinate children. Nonetheless, I think religion overall has a positive effect on kids.

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Idi Amin aliua ao watu huwa mnasema aliuwa on his own?

Figsed I am an Agnostic Atheist but I thank god that Kenya is a Christian majority country. I can’t imagine living in a rigid Islamic theocracy. Countries like Iran are very capable of being useful members of the society but ujinga yao ya Islamic religious fanaticism imefanya wamewekewa crippling sanctions zenye zimewapull back vibaya sana. If those Persians were Christians, I am sure wangekuwa Top 10 economically juu wako na mafuta kama ghasia

Saudi Arabia are even worse than Iran but since they are in bed with US sanctions are never imposed on them.

Idi Amin had an army, Samson allegedly killed 1000 men with his bare hands using only the jawbone of a donkey.

Kenyans hawajipendi and its citizen are full of low self esteem bonobos,try kutishia foreigners or harm them huku kwetu ujione.

But when they tried to nationalise their oil, the CIA overthrew the Prime Minister and installed the Shah, paving the way for the Islamic religious fanatics running the country today.