Captain Marvel: What is with feminism?

Non nerds ketini hukooo…

Yaani lazima waingize femisism kila mahali?

The feminist slant on this movie is nauseating. And so is it with most other movies in this comic genre. Any boy out there knows that the best football player in the world is not a woman. Lakini hii mambo ya kuweka wanawake ati ndio otero ya vita? Eish. Comics was the only genre of movies remaining for boys looking for male role models for strength, defender, honor, etc.


Bubble bee iliingizwa machozi miiingi. Emotional. Kulialia. Marinating in feeling ndio theme sasa. Feminine chieth. Nauseating.

All the way from hulk to avengers marvel has slowly been transforming into some wierd feministic plots upto where now captain marvel lazima a woman?



The movie is fine, huyo actress ndio sumbua. The latest captain marvel comics feature a woman. I’d say, Wonder Woman does more for women than what Brie Larson tries to do.

Thanos did nothing wrong.

The theme in most comics is battle, war, struggle, defeating an enemy. They want all the little boys to grow up thinking the first line of defence against a hostiles is mommy? Kweli? Sasa watch utaona plot vile itaenda. Thanos atauliwa na Cpt Marvel. As if.


That’s no biggie, there are more powerful people than her in marvel, akina dormamu, galactus, Odin, Thor, one above all, silver surfer, etc they just aren’t that popular.

The only woman I have liked in these hero movies ni ule mblack anachezanga Kwa black panther. Okoye

Uko na link ?Scavenged net nikapata tu hdtc quality

Welcome to the gynocracy my fren

I was bored to death with that movie!! It was a total disappointment. I didn’t make it to the end.

I agree it is nice to empower women and give them that encouragement that they can achieve big things as well but I agree with you, marvel are over doing it.

Men are the natural targets of deadly battle violence. It is very dangerous to bring up boys thinking girls are the soilders who should fight for them when shit hits the fan. We end up with these types of confused boys we see buying and using axes on girls. Chieth. These characters are making the wrong imprints on young boys’ innocent brains. Women as targets of violence? Chieth.

It is misleading indeed.