Capitalism is shit


Enda Vietnam ujaribu communism fala wewe

Does that FB story name said Kenyans ?

Or Cuba.

Ruto, Raila, Uhuru, and MOi

Capitalism is evil

Elders you should strive to own factors of production. Sio kununua sloppy seconds 3 thousands. Ati rungu washing joints.
Starehe ndio ime changia Kwa ufukara.


Yeah, some indian industrialists na Mungich Unye

Which 22M Kenyans?. I am richer than the entire Kiandutu

Leo niliona report that there are only 88 (UHNWI) people in Kenya worth more than $30M.

Watch Zeitgeist; moving forward documentary and you 'll understand that the monetary system was created to make very few individuals wealthy and masses poor to serve the rich.

Someone is sending a message, testing the waters

You are intelligent sir

Thank you!

The word capitalism has lost all meaning, it doesn’t mean anything nowadays and is thrown around carelessly.

The true believers of free markets, competition and innovation should stop associating themselves with capitalism and find another term.

:D:D:D:D:D…pesa ya tuition ya evening classes or wizi ya mahindi ya githeri ya watoto haiwezi kusaidia kua mbillionaire ,mwalimu