Capitalism And Democracy Are The Causes Of Poverty In Africa

Entire Africa should be communist and a monarch.

I opened this post , hope to read a well thought out essay, mind post one ?

Africa thrived before colonialism using pure capitalism. Africans profitably traded with each other and with Arabs and Indians before nations were set up. And they thrived during colonialism with national boundaries setup. The collapse began with the end of colonialism.

Leo umeongea point ya maana. Communism imeisha kunibamba even though corruption bado hukuwa.

Lakini @Ndindu una victim mentality mingi sana. Complaining everyday.

Newsflash: Nobody is coming to save you. Adapt or perish.

I speak the bitter truth

Kenyatta is what happened…of all the leaders would have preferred kibaki over him…to make matters worse akafuatwa na hio moi bonobo.

Kumbe ndio maana unakuanga na akili ndogo. Communism and those who entertain it are the most stupid humans.