Capiroo FM: Everything Is A Ferking Lie

Hiyo kizungu yooooooooooooote ya mapua hutoka kwa studio inakaa cow shed ya gachie. Na desktop tu za kawaida. Studio imeundwa na mbao za kuokotwa. Nikiambiwa ghetto radio inakaa hivi naeza amini. But Capiroo? CAPIROO? This setup looks like something a struggling producer would have in his bedroom. Heneway, I guess if it works…
Goddamn hell.

Wacha wivu. Hata wewe fungua cowshed radio station yako uanze kuongea na accent uitakayo.

Enyewe hio studio inakaa cow shed

Quoting one of the comments from the videos: The computers are meant for them to use them, not you.

In all fairness I feel for the guests who are invited to that makeshift cubicle.

Simplicity, attitude, functionality these were the ingredients used to make the original capital fm until the professor accidentally added chemical tweng and thus the snobb crew were born.:D:D:D miss the ol capital.

Everyone was/ is commenting about that Capital FM studio… It’s true, imebeat, iko down and it’s not befitting of their status as the go to station for the upwardly mobile urbanite…

BTW how do they bag these exclusive interviews? Is it coz of how they’ve packaged and positioned themselves? Is it the brand? I remember in 2015 they exclusively bagged President Obama… Albeit for a few minutes and AWAY from that atrocious studio lol

FOOTNOTE: Capiroo has blatantly refused to evolve in recent years… I still hear the same signature tunes… Some presenters ain’t aging well and should’ve quit kitambo while they’re ahead (Cess?)… But the killer for me was when I heard Rick Dees weekly Top 40… Seriously??? They still had that stupid show in 1997!!!

[SIZE=5]niaje @Nefertities …ghasia[/SIZE]

@MISCHIEF kujia guarana

At 436am…hulali ukitafuta nyuma

Studio ni watu wako ndani, sio led lights

Thou shall not speak ill of the Rick man.

I still like rick dees top 40 wewe enda ukaskize egesa fm

Please!, I love Rick Dees.


ata wewe ishia… what is wrong with rick dees top 40

uwes hapo haujafanya poa unaitia mischief guarana at 4 in the morning hio ni makosa

Lakini ukweli usemwe, Cess Mutungi amekaa sana, apewe kazii ingine hapo tu Capital