Can't get enough of her

Wakubwa nipatieni advice, nichomoke nayo au? [ATTACH=full]206654[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]206655[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]206656[/ATTACH]

Chomoka teketeke

You have a big problem dude!, you need to get checked!

you made a PUA decision bro

That PUA can still smell @Matako ya Punda

who NOSE? maybe it is true

who NOSE what you like about her?

stop nosing into other peoples business

Huyo anaona mpaka kesho

Imagine mko veve na huyu dem vile atakua amekukodolea macho…anaeza ona mpaka dhambi zako…

very stale joke

keep it casual…aka pea yee deek.but dnt wife her…

Eye think you are making a wrong decision

She makes the song by dangote aka diamond Salome with the chorus kodoa kodo make complete sense.

No-se(nse) is being written here.

We were told of the correlation between the size and shape of the mouth and the pussy, weren’t we?

kikikiki :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

If you wife her, no need for a DNA,you’ll automaticaly get a Bonobo

Kama vile umembiwa hapo juu the bitch will suffocate you, her air intake is way too massive.

Wacha matusi kazee ama niangushe DMS zako hapa