Can't connect to this network

Eeeh, techies saidia.

Hii mkebe naita PC has declined to connect to wifi, giving me the message “can’t connect to this network”.

Nimejaribu kutoa Wifi Sense, nikaroll back update ya Ralink, started the comp in safe mode, same result.
What do I do to get back online?

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Give out more error logs for easier help from us.

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Connection started at bla bla bla
Profile match: Success
Pre-Association: Success
Association : Success
Security and Authentication: Fail

Security and Authentication: Fail
It’s likely the wifi password was changed while your computers has old password

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Same password as before.
It just doesn’t connect

Iendee Scorched earth. System restore like this, kama hakuna restore point reinstall windows. ama Uza cpu nunua router .

Forget the network and reconnect

change card