Cannon fodder ya Putin zishaanza kukufa. Drone attack live

Hawa wamemeza drone kama wanalala peacefully. Watch them due slowly

Kwani umeswitch sides? Wacha battalion Putler ikupate

hii vita inaonekana haitawahi isha. sasa ni kucheer any side that seems to be making progress. Russia wakianza kutandika homosexuals tutarudi. meanwhile, in the past few weeks wamekua wanatwangwa kama brukenge

Kesho kuna referendum. We will wipe out Ukraine from the map of the world. @Kodiaga Ukronazi wins in western media. Hao neonazi tuna malisa. Ndio hio ballot ya referendum. Uliza @sludgist transleshen.[ATTACH=full]467410[/ATTACH]

Buda no one cares about these fake referendums. Hata Kazakhstan waliambia Putler hizo ni bangi ako nazo. Nothing will change. The war will still continue. Ongea mambo ya vita tuskie

When referendum is done that territory will be Russia and any more aggression will prompt anti-terror operations by msito Putin that dwarf comedian atatii

Bitch pleeeease! Ni operations gani hajajaribu so far? Tanks, aircraft, drones, kalibrs, kinzals, ships etc. zote amejaribu. In fact kitu imebaki ni nukes pekee. Mwambie arushe nukes sasa

I hope Putin doesn’t decide to drop this in the centre of Kyiv.

Tupatane Langata cemetery.

Enda uropokwe kwa hiyo thread ya Azov. Wacha kujifanya hujaiona

Kesho tuko na referenda. Ukraine will cease to exist.


I foresee America being the 1st country to be nuked with nuclear missiles before their neighbours Ukraine. I might be wrong too.

Kuna vile Russia wanafinywa maneche juu jana niliona Putin akipeana threats za nukes. For the first time I saw a desperate man.

Its always hard to win a war of attrition against people on their home soil because they have nowhere to run to. Kwa hivyo Ukrainians will fight until the last man.

Kuwakumbusha Russia and the USA both failed in Afghanistan. You can’t fight an enemy in his home nation indefinitely. You have a deadline, he doesn’t. You will keep incurring costs and eventually you will leave hata ikichukua 20 years. Kwanza hapa ni worse juu EU imepea Ukraine blank cheque…pesa sio shida. Hii ni proxy war between Russia and NATO.

Putin ako na only one way out. Using a small nuke for force surrender. Bila kutumia nuke Russia will lose in the long run like they lost in Afghanistan.

Hii nayo hapana. This will lead to a geopolitical fallout like no other before. Even Xi will be forced to cut ties. They may even be retaliatory strikes. Itawacha kua Hiroshima and Nagasaki ikue Moscow na St. Petersburg

Singo matha expert wades into geopolitics :D:D:D:D:D

Its his only way out. Things are getting thick buana. Pale reddit wamama wa kule Dagestan wamelia sana as their men are picked in buses waende Ukraine. Kama kawaida Putin has to sacrifice muslims first hawezi guza Moscow ama St Petersburg.

I think Putin underestimated the true cost of this war. Its almost impossible to win against an enemy on home soil with unlimited resources. Budget yake ilikuwa X sasa ni 50X. Russia can’t afford the revised war budget in this proxy war with NATO. Maybe alifikiria ni saucer kama Crimea.


That way could lead to WW3… Russia vs Everybody. Winning the war us already out of question. Russia is a spent force if they have to do conscriptions. They are paper tigers. The best they can do now is mobilise one massive push then sue for peace when it begins to gain momentum.

In a way Putin ako cornered. Hana pesa ya kusustain war juu ya cost overruns. If he continues sending ill-equipped troops he risks an uprising at home. Meanwhile, Xi and Modi are buying his oil at a very big discount. China na India are simply taking advantage of Russia because they know his oil is hot and nobody else will touch it.

Obviously, Ukraine will have the most casualties because they are at home. Unfortunately for Putin, this war will be so expensive that even a win won’t be worth it. Its like killing your enemy but sustaining life-long major multiple disabilities kama kuwa blind,deaf, and have 3rd degree burns. You won, but you’d have been better off not fighting. Some wins aren’t worth it.