Cannibalistic tendencies or just an innocent fetish?

The more I read stuff like this the more am convinced that guys nowadays just come up with this weird fetishes, I think it’s payback : whenever you think of that huge sum of money you spent on your wife/gf:D:D[ATTACH=full]176089[/ATTACH]

And she going to get married to him?? Wtf!

Tafunwa matiti pole pole. Kamuliwa pole pole.

She’s blonde, the dude is doing so, to prevent other alphas from climbing her, why only the obscene parts . Imagine undressing the chic and alas “chewed nipples”

Ifikie Darwin.

Can I bite your nipple?

Don’t even think about it

I won’t chew it off. Just a lil bite to add some pain to your pleasure.


The new fetish in town ni kung’ata, kunyonya is so old fashioned. Tutakuwa tunaamkua pinki handles desaini hii:

Naomba nikung’ate kinembe

Huyu ni kama aliona poll ya @cortedivoire “Can you bite your partner’s nipple bra bra…”
Then took it seriously

women are foolish. that’s proof enough. kwani ameshikiwa kisu waoane?

Nimesoma he chews the nipples to reduce pain when cumming.Kwani kuna watu who feel pain when cumming?

It’s the size of the wallet that matters the most.Hizo zingine zinaitwa other minor things.

:D:D:D:D Ruuun my dear, cannibal detected

:D:D:D:D:D yuuck!!

That girl is dumb af


Someone once sang something about how women were made to feel pain and men made to go through shit…

Wrigley’s failure! She should sue em!