Cannabis is now legal in most of America.


Next step should be freeing all the guys who were locked up for selling and consuming a plant. They walked so white America could run.

Police Unions have been at the forefront of opposing weed legalization. Na hawana sababu other than it robs them of the opportunity of searching people for claiming they “smell marijuana”.

Actually the biggest fighters are pharmaceutical companies. They pay off legislators. All those expensive pills for anxiety, depression…will be declared redundant if weed is legalized.

Watu wa heshimu bhangi … Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

True, but I think “law enforcement” are a major force.

Why the hell do Casinos oppose cannabis legislation haha

And the cotton lobby. #KingCotton

because of hemp fiber?

When people are high on weed they may stake smaller amounts bearing in mind that they av used the bulk of dollars to stock fangi

Oregon just legalised use of cocaine and heroine

Just look at the states where weed was legalized for recreational use and you’ll know what’s up. The rest is bullshit you need a medical card which you can only get from a doctor. That doctor’s interest is in the pharmaceutical drugs and that’s all he’ll recommend because he’s not getting a kickback from marijuana. The recreational states are a few but you can buy weed without a medical card and smoke outdoors no problem.

Na watu wa pombe

Lol they should start giving out free blunts in their casinos as I hear they do with drinks.

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