Canibalism in Haiti : LIVE SCENES

Shiet, didn’t believe this could happen but what do I know! It’s Liberia Season 2!

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kwanza d- come marinated, soft meat haijaona true suffering like running from cannibals


I laugh at these guys. The Kenya police wakiland pale na full na marupupu zao zimelipwa watanyorosha these jamaas watii. These guys are just brutes with no discipline and funding. Wakihandwa 1 by 1 these streets will be spick and span in no time.
Extajudicial kiasi tu na utaanza kuskia watu wakipiga nduru :sweat_smile:

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can you hear your thoughts?


its like weve forgotten the many bodies of brutal gangs and terrorists the kenyan police has extrajudicially put on the ground


D- tunakuonea 18, meffi nenda ukufie na huko tuchije mbuzi


eti brutal gangs in kenya😂 negroes please huko ata ata under ako na gun, comparing akina gaza na mungich na haiti menace is just being an imbecile

Kama vietcong defeated usa, mau mau the muzungu… D- ndio nani?

Hujui enemy territory inakaa aje geographically, watauliwa wote. Misleading kidogo, mmajipata kwa cul-de-sac, and all annihilated. It’s like wanasahau kichinjio ya west pokot

Shenzi kabisa


Hakuna fedio ya marination

Here We Go Again

D- Fighting for Salary Vs Haitians Fighting For A CAUSE



Niliona picha za ile Ambush ya Baragoi where D- were slaughter like PIGs nika wahurumia.

Jamaa walinyeshewa bullets kama 5000 from unseen enemies hidding in the hills. Gari ilifanywa kichungi buana!

gory video imengolewa

Guerilla warfare

Video haipo. However, it’s worth remembering that the first casualty of war is truth.

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Go to and search Haiti you will find numerous videos of gangs eating their rival, putting a red hot rod in a lady’s vaginal and other demoncore activities.

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Will look for it when i get time. If you read their history you will see why human beings can change into creatures like wild animals. Those people have been through every imaginable atrocity known to man. A measured and strategic amount of military force is needed, but more than anything else, they should be helped to sort their political mess. The so called PM ought to speak, even from exile, and ask for cessation of hostilities as he details his proposal for a transitional govt (excluding himself–he should not purport to order them around, or to impose anything, as they already consider him not their leader, since he was not elected, and he was supposed to be out by Feb 7th, after putting a proper gava in place. He didn’t do it of course).
The solution is not to draw them deeper into a war. Perhaps the other Caribbean nations are better placed to negotiate for peace, at least to allow food and medical aid to come in as a first step.
Simply attacking the gangs to wrest control without offering an olive branch will only unleash more terror on the unarmed.

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1000 D minus watafanywa kitoweo wakulwe na ugali moto ya Haiti. Sioni police ata mmoja akijitolea kwenda uko. Afadhali kuresign

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Video deleted buana mutu anitumie

They can’t dare to refuse, or resign to dodge going (not after receiving the orders, only before. The resignations can be rejected, and they’d be jailed). Hiyo ndio inaitwa Catch-22. No escape.