Candy crush saga

Nani amefika level higher than me by any chance?

Now, playing candy crush saga can’t stop us from fucking therefore we ain’t gonna stop

Kuja pole pole boss
[ATTACH=full]158757[/ATTACH] shika hio …how can a man be playing Candy crash saga in 2018 boss…get a real game…even kids ain playing that shit anymore and btw was 400+ hio game haishi!!

[ATTACH=full]158758[/ATTACH] Just checkes ati 1525 3025 levels….could have finished the game by now but fuck it …i have my snes emulator…with the games from that era…this shit is stupid

Sawa. U r the only one ahead of me

All that time and energy could have been spent on something more constructive like sucking me off


took you 5 mins to make that joke[ATTACH=full]158780[/ATTACH]

Woow…you guuyssss!!! I’m at level 404

Sometimes I want to give up…but still have that app on my phone. Y’all just motivated me now.:smiley:

Kama unadai kuma hapan jitetea na mimi!
Tupa lugha kiv yako kijana. Ama nyinyi ni wale ma toast huomba kuma mkichomea maboyz wako

Nani ameleta story ya pinky kwani hii ilikuwa mstari unarusha…bad boy flavour?

Mbona ume reply post ya mresh?
Fungua roho nikurushie thru pass

si hata umedai ni picha nachoma sasa mbona unangenana na story ya pinky and worse nacheki saa hii ni the village blonde
[ATTACH=full]158795[/ATTACH] five minutes and that was the best line finisher you got…lakini najua cuz umezoa kuwa faggot kurewire ni shida…at least untry kujisave from hio life…uliona machokosh wakipewa make over ukiona you can also change …wacha hata mimi nikupe suppport on your rehabilitation

Village blond or not wewe kuingilia kati inamaanisha unadai kuma ni venye hatujui kujitetea…
Usitense lakini, sloppy seconds ni zako

[ATTACH=full]158802[/ATTACH] at least niko secured na kupata seconds wewe uko na ma fanto!

ni mi niko slow, coz I have never found this game mind stimulating

Mwanaume Ni kucheza angry birds!!

kwani uko na coomer kwa mgongo that unacheza candy crush?