Candidate yeezy a.k.a west

billionaire amejaribu Tennessee [ATTACH=full]332499[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]332500[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]332501[/ATTACH]

Deez Nuts ndio alishangaza watu. 9% of the total votes zilikuwa zake. Harambee the deceased gorilla got 3% of some texas vote. Kanye hata hajafika 1%. He aint shit

[ATTACH=full]332506[/ATTACH]that young man should have contested this one ,am sure angekua mbele Ya mzito tlump

Blacks are better off with white Presidents. A lesson I learnt from voting for “mtu wetu”.

You are suffering from Stockholm’s syndrome young man. And it also seems you have a short deek

Lakini kuongea ukweli what will a black president do for them??

Do you believe that no black person can make a good leader?

Not really. At least not now. Nini hio Nyeuthi bado hawajapata that they would need a black leader to fight for? They can vote, get employed and even travel everywhere??

Racism nayo wao wenyewe ndio wataimaliza.

People say Obama did nothing for blacks but really what was he supposed to achieve? Undo a few centuries worth of deep rooted systemic racism in just 8 years? Was he supposed to put them on the same footing as whites? How exactly? I would like to see at least a general outline. Because institutional change takes a lot of time and effort and one person, even a very powerful person, cannot just cause a paradigm shift overnight. Black people placed way too much hope in Obama. He was overhyped and so nothing he did could possibly live up to it.