Candace Owens

If you’re not a liberal at 20 you have no heart; if you’re not a conservative at 40 you have no brain. ~Winston Churchill


That lady is open minded and blacks hate her for it.

Why has she started bleaching and having what looks like artificial teeth?

Candace Owen is a fact spitter. She serves bitter pills to those Black bonobos who have been trained by the white liberals to act like victims always. The white liberals hate her because she sees beyond their bullshit.


Why do Americans like dividing themselves so much. I’ve never understood this. You have to be something American, Nigerian american, Chinese american, Kenyan american, Japanese american. Hadi wazungu wenyewe they still have to look for something to differentiate themselves, usually Irish american. Si ujiite tu American na ufunge io chapter

Kweli we’re a tribal species we’ll always look for something no matter how petty

Architects of society figured how to run the masses is by splitting them into classes.

Rejoice for the end of the western imperialism is nigh!!!

Maybe. Personally i dont like the American government due to its decades upon decades of hypocrisy and dirty meddling in sovereign nations but are you sure the alternative will be any better. Unfortunately history has demonstrated multiple times that position must be filled if vacant and the only guys I see on top of the global food chain are the Chinese. Dont know about you but im not sure id like China as the new overlord

Candace Huwa anaspit facts na pia anaattack white liberal Demoncrats mercilessly. So they hate her.

@patco is Mungich American

There is nothing to rejoice here. Western Christian imperialism has been the most peaceful period for this and the next replacement, the Han Chinese spells disaster for this world. Whites have done so many good things for us Bonobos and what I fear is that we weak Black Bonobos would be wiped out in the next era. China the supposedly replacement would only export authoritarianism, dictatorship, control, would allow mass pogroms, genocides, purges and other atrocities. The good thing is that by the time China ascends to lead the world, Western imperialists would be living in mass. China is today where America was 60 years ago. I fear for the next generation of Bonobos. If we don’t wake up early, we are done.

Western imperialism is the biggest threat humanity has ever faced, a terrorist entity hiding behind the mask of freedom and democracy. A true dictatorship that exploit, genocide people that don’t submit to their will.

she spits no facts. Cherry picking is not spiting facts. And stop monopolising a thread

China was a great power for millenia and they never did the nonsense you are spewing

Are you comparing 1000 years ago to today where China openly threatened to nuke Japan? They suppressed Hong Kong and took it away. They are eyeing Republic of China next (Taiwan). They are illegally occupying Xinjiang, Tibet, Macau and other regions which is a clear violation of human rights. Tell me you are trolling please.

You are a mzungu licker and you can’t be saved. Tell me one lie she said?

In fact you are the mzungu licker. Supporting that malaya who married a white supremacist mzungu less than a week after meeting him. now she hates her blackness and insults black people. How are you not a mzungu licker? You have just said how good they are and spewing their propaganda that Chinese are bad. You even call colonialism and genocides good deeds by your mzungu

China currently is an economic and military superpower only comparable to the US. But how many nations have they invaded? And how many countries were invaded by the western imperialism in the supposed peace period?

Your mzungus nuked Japan 75 years ago when they were not under any threat of invasion by japan

Go read real books and maybe you’ll stop sounding like someone who reads history books written by the state department .