cancer treatment

elders how much does it cost to treat prostrate cancer

Uko stage gani Mdau?

Ako stage ya Githurai

Wanaume mnafaa kuenda monthly health checkup,reason why women live longer than men.

Ati watu huogopa hio story ya monthly checks sababu ukienda ata ukiwa fit as an ox…bado doctor atakutoanisha kitu, some test or drugs prescription for some condition you didn’t even know you had. 5 - 10k inaenda hivo.

No one is helping…Pole. Please visit Texas Cancer Center. Mbagathi way, near Strathmore University. The doctors are qualified and they tend not to overcharge or milk you when in critical stage.

Monthly checkup, how does that work ?

Unataka wanaume wafanyiwe DRE kila mwezi??

Wasn’t Texas cancer centre in the news recently for unethical things? Someone posted a thread here the other day.

Chemo there. Carboplatin one dose is 26k.
Other associated charges, blood test, morphine etc approximately 5-10k

Must have missed it. Then kenyatta hospital and kijabe hospital HQs are your last options.

They must have morphed into an expensive clinic.

Monthly! Doctors are in biz too with that frequency they will find some condition and sell it to you to cater to your fear. What I liked about Western medical system is that you must have a GP/personal/family doctor. They have your medical history from birth (even if you are treated somewhere else) outpatient you go to your gp. Wakenya 99% ni kuruka from chemist to chemist kama swara

Bado, that’s cheap compared to akina aga Khan. Cancer is expe in general. In Kenya for proper tests for early detection . CT, blood, pathology, biopsy, vitamin blah blah blah will cost you upwards of 200k

This is the one

The fear for a check up ,especially prostate in bonobo land is freakishly real…well,except for village alphabet boys:D

Selenium levels in your blood, are a mirror of your prostate health. Low levels maybe a pointer to issues in the prostate.

Do you know what a prostate exam entails, then useme every month. Looks like you like it too much. Mimi before I am 50 ni as rarely as I can get away with, had it once, not going back soon

Ulipigwa finger kwa rasa? :D:D:D Are you embarrassed that ulimwaga?