Cancer doesn't care

Well for me this has come as a shocker.Is it true.


May [ATTACH=full]162626[/ATTACH]

May the scourge come to and end.Hii itamaliza wote tukionaga kama ni mchezo

I hope he’s at peace with his condition.

Waaai mwarimu?! Huyu ni CK kweli ?
Funny how life works.
Plunder & destroy peoples livelihoods. But you can’t buy good health.
Eventually you die a slow debilitating death.
In the end death is the only equaliser.

fake lilian muli page

Nasikia ni prostate

Its Colon Cancer. And people are celebrating imajine. Where did humanity go:(:frowning:


Cancer ain`t a joke.

My family has been through it several times.

Its depressing i can tell you.

I wish CK the best as he goes through treatment.

What,wish him quick recovery. Anyone who celebrates other people’s misery is a disgrace to humanity.

What if the sick person is guilty of economic sabotage ? Killing peoples’ jobs, leaving them in misery?

You have a point but that’s called opinion,and opinion is like an asshole everyone has got one. that’s yours there,me i couldn’t wish misery/pain to my worst enemy. Blessed Friday sir.

Cancer is worse than HIV AIDS but some people don’t agree.

Wewe ni msafi kama pamba?

Am surprised on this one you showing some humane

kind of. I’ve only got one person in trouble because he tried to shaft me & run away with my money.
C.K naye ameshaft watu wengi sana.